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Finger Guns launches a Patreon.

What this means for our content, our output and more.

We started Finger Guns with one simple aim – to create original content. We didn’t want to be ‘just another games website’. We’d tried that a number of times in the past and despite finding moderate success, it never felt ‘right’. With Finger Guns, we attempted to create stuff you couldn’t read elsewhere, tell the stories that the big outlets were ignoring and write about what we found interesting in the hopes of attracting a likeminded audience. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re reading this, we’ve succeeded.

We also made the decision to be as independent as possible. We’ve never taken a dime for coverage of any game, have a robust review policy which we adhere too and have, thus far, shouldered all the financial burden ourselves. We’ve paid for web hosting, travelling, themes and anything else that was necessary ourselves out of a love for what we’ve been creating. You might have noticed but we don’t present any adverts to you on Finger Guns. There’s no pop-ups or banner ads. We don’t participate in sponsored content or social advertising. We’re not monetised in any way meaning you can read our content without having to decline advertising cookies or fight past full page adverts. And we want to keep it this way.

Unfortunately, like the famous Doctor Malcolm once said “Life finds a way” and in our case, our lives outside of Finger Guns are presenting some financial challenges. This doesn’t mean that Finger Guns is disappearing but it does mean we’re hampered in what we can deliver. We’ve had plans to start an original podcast for over a year and want to bring you more and better original content from the width and breadth of the gaming world. To do that, we’re looking for a little help from our friends…

Now is the time to launch our Patreon.

Patreon is something we’ve talked about for a long time and given where we are right now, it seems like the absolute right thing do and we couldn’t be more excited to jump in and give it a shot. The next step was to decide how we were going to structure it, to ensure that we’re receiving enough to keep the website afloat and hopefully to open new avenues of content (the relaunch of a podcast, for example) without feeling like we’re taking the piss, essentially.


We decided as a team that $1 (around 78p) a month was going to be our one and only tier. As mentioned in the Patreon blurb, we haven’t launched this in order to turn into a website that hides everything we do behind paywalls just so people who don’t pay eventually get it all for free. The tier is there to do nothing but cover our Finger Guns hosting, expand our content possibilities and maybe, just maybe, cover our travel when we go to shows or events. We as creators won’t take anything for ourselves (I mean, unless it goes bonkers and we feel like we can), every single dime goes straight back into the site. We think this is the best way to build our website along with our future content.

Look, we’re four guys talking about video games on the internet. We get it, the last thing the world needs is another Patreon to subscribe to, but we believe in Finger Guns. We believe in our focus on the glorious work of independent developers. We believe in our vision and we want to build it alongside you. We believe in creating a positive place for gaming discussion. We believe in encouraging creativity and celebrating the diverse future the industry is heading into. We want to continue celebrating video games because video games are freakin’ awesome and so are its creators. Let’s celebrate the ever living heck out of this industry because those that work their ass off to create games are making them to entertain us. That’s an amazing gift, isn’t it?

This is why we’re launching a Patreon. Let’s celebrate this wonderful, ridiculous, bonkers industry, from AAA megatons to one people armies. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you want to support our Patreon, head here.

Thank you. We won’t let you down.

Rossko, Sean, Paul and Greg.

P.S. Do you like the new logo?

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