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Entitled Gamers claim ‘VICTORY’ with Insomniac’s Christmas Gift

Stomping your feet like a selfish child pays dividends. apparently.

It’s the news that every entitled piece of shit on Twitter has been waiting for. Every anonymous Twitter account that threatened to kill Insomniac developers have been clamouring for seemingly no other reason than it wasn’t there. Hooray, you win.

Insomniac have today thrown an update up for their rather fantastic PS4 exclusive Spider-Man and it includes the Spidey suit from Sam Raimi’s era of Spider-Man movies, which Insomniac are sharing for free as a ‘Christmas gift’. Of course, there’s a corner of the internet (pricks, essentially) who believe that this has been seen as a victorious result after months of threatening murder and stomping their feet like children. They’ve got what they want and they haven’t even had to pay for it, even if this was probably months in the planning and development. Because gamers. Ugh.

Insomniac posted the news on their official Twitter account earlier today.

I mean, great. The people get what they want, but as our good friend Chris Scullion says;

So, hooray?

The update also includes the following;


Added the Webbwe Suit. Happy Holidays!
Addressed various additional issues in “Silver lining” DLC pack.

Added support for the “Silver lining” story pack.
Added “friendly neighborhood” difficulty mode.
Added support for creating new game+ save from a new game+ save.
New frames and stickers to photo mode.
Added 3 new filters to photo mode. (8bit, EGA, and Retro).

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