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Resident Evil 2 Remake – Why You Should Be Excited

With just over a month to go, what should we expect from Capcom's sequel remake? Let's have a look at what changes have been made.

I love Resident Evil 2. I make no effort to hide it, even penning a love letter to it a few months ago.

So when the remake was announced a couple of years ago, myself (and many others) went crazy over this news. But this is no REmake like the first Resident Evil was for the GameCube/HD ports. This is a full on rebuild, with different gameplay and what looks like a story reimagining.

So, let’s have a look at what to get excited about when January 25th rolls round:

1. A New Perspective

As much as RE2 gets praised, Resident Evil 4 heralded a massively significant change in gaming on its 2005 release. Shifting from static camera angles to an over-the-shoulder approach oft seen in a lot of current games, it transitioned Resident Evil from horror to more action focused.

This new retelling uses this modern outlook, but keeps the dark and claustrophobic look of the original.

2. Raccoon City, Revisited

If you’ve played the 1998 classic, a lot of the scenery will seem familiar. The police department, the sewers, and [eventually] the laboratory will all be fully revised and faithfully recreated.

From what we’ve seen in trailers, there are some tweaks and modern improvements, but the heart of it remains the same.

3. Familiar Faces

Remember each character’s Scenario B, which was significantly harder than the A campaign? Largely in part to this looming trenchcoat-wearing Tyrant that relentlessly pursued you.

Well, as you can see above, he’s back, and seems to be causing the same about of grief as before. Fans have speculated a cameo appearance from the Nemesis too, as it’s set in the same timeline as this, but that might be far reaching.

4. With a Little Help from My Friends

Relagated to block moving and enemy avoiding puzzles in the original, it seems that both Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin have been more fleshed out this time around.

Ada has some handy gadgets on her, as an allusion to her spy status in later titles, that see her infiltrating the lab in her attempts to steal the G Virus.

Sherry, so far, seems more of a support character to Claire at the moment, so we shall see what happens there.

5. A Fine Mess

With the change in camera perspective comes free aiming, and Capcom have spared no expense with the combat.

Now able to target any extremity, instead of the neutral/up/down aiming of the original, combat is much more visceral.

Limb dismemberment, exploding heads and charred bodies from flame grenades are abundant, as is the reliance on tactical shooting. It seems a single headshot won’t fell a zombie, so ammo conversation and strategic shot placement will play a large part.

“It’s sheer perfection…no one will take you away from me.”

So, there are five points to look forward to when Resident Evil 2 Remake rolls around. I am more than excited for this, as the original is one of my absolute favourite games of all time.

So much so that I’m avoiding any kind of story trailer. I know what happens, I know the canon, but I want to be surprised at what they may have changed when it releases.

One thing’s for sure though: those new Lickers look as terrifying to adult me as the originals did to younger me.


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