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War Child UK’s HELP Game Bundle Is The Best Way To Spent £3

War Child’s HELP project returns with a bundle of brilliant mobile games, the proceeds for which goes to charity.

War Child aren’t a stranger to the gaming landscape. The charity, which aims to support children and young people during and after periods of conflict of war, have held an annual Armistice (encouraging peaceful gameplay in support of children affected by war) since 2016 and have raised more than $390k during these events, the latest of which began on November 6th. Back in 2015, they also released the hard hitting “Duty of Care” video, utilising the play on words and emulating game play from the world most popular shooters to deliver an incredibly powerful message.

Back in 2016, War Child assembled a group of developers who participated in an 11 day games jam called HELP: The Game. Together, the collective released a number PC games with the proceeds going to the charity.

For 2018 though, War Child UK have changed the game, making it even easier to get involved with the HELP: The Game project mobile bundle. A collaboration with 5 game studios and a publisher across 6 days, the HELP game bundle is a collection of 5 games that can be bought on the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store, the proceeds for which will go to War Child UK to help them support children in war torn areas across Africa and the Middle East.

What’s more, the games are brilliant. I mean, really brilliant.

I bought the HELP: The Game bundle last week because I wanted to support the War Child charity but what I got in return has been worth far more than the £3 I parted with to buy it – so much so that I’ve just donated another £10 to the charity because I felt like I was short changing them.

All 5 of the games in this bundle are sublime in their own way.

There’s ‘Rupert, Sell ’em, Don’t Break ’em’, developed by Wooga, an Octodad-esque game where you play as a clumsy elephant who works in a china shop. The premise here is to retrieve certain pieces of pottery that customers are asking for in a timely manner – but Rupert is a little too large for the shop aisles and a touch too speedy, so you’ll likely be destroying more china than you’re selling. Needless to say, it’s wicked fun.

Then there’s ‘Fifty Buddies’, developed by Gameloft, which sets 50 little people racing around a track with the touch of a button – but beware the swinging and springing obstacles because they’ll reduce your buddies down from 50 to 0 in no time. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible with as many buddies still alive as possible. This is a real break time filler.

Next up is ‘Mediocre Housekeeping’ from Featherweight Games a game which challenges you to clear the floor of scattered clothes by flinging them up the screen – but no one said it had to be done neatly. Moving the crumpled shirts, ties and shoes from the floor to look as equally dishevelled on a draw or hook is straight up fun – especially when you’re met with a “Good Enough!” congratulations message on completion. My kids have been fighting over who gets to play this game all weekend. There’s also ‘Tickets Please’ from Sports Interactive (a games company that also donates a percentage of all sales of Football Manager to War Child). This is a faster paced version of Papers, Please, putting you in the shoes of a train conductor who must check as many tickets as possible between destinations.

Lastly, there’s ‘Inish Ciub’ from Rovio. While all of the other games in this bundle are deeply entertaining, Inish Ciub takes it to another level. A puzzle game about clearing lines of a 4×4 grid by filling them with cards that interact with one another, this is one of the most addictive mobile games I’ve ever come across. It’s so pleasant too, placing flowers next to water to spawn more flowers. This game has kept me up late at night since I first tried it out.

This post started out as a news piece about the HELP: The Game bundle being released but 600 words and an odd stream of consciousness later, this isn’t really a news piece at all is it? All of this is to say, bluntly, if you’ve got £3 spare and have an Android or Amazon compatible device, this is a fantastic bundle of games that supports a brilliant charity. It costs less than a pint and I’ve enjoyed it at least 50 times longer so far.

Go and get it and these links:

Google Play

Amazon App Store

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