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Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist Review – Cat’s Outta The Bag…

The first DLC pack proves there's plenty of life left in Insomniac's Marvel universe. The FNGR GNS Review;

The first DLC drop for Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Heist, picks up almost immediately where we left off at the end of the main game. The first part of this new story – a continuous tale that will play out over two additional DLC packs – is fast and frenetic, with little to add to the game overall but just enough to keep you coming back. It’s basically more Spider-Man PS4 and that’s about as good as it gets.

The first DLC pack tells the story of the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), adding a little more backstory to her complex character and her relationship with Peter Parker (Spider-m..you know Peter Parker is Spider-Man right?). Her character was briefly touched on during a side quest in the main game, but here she has a full story to tell and through the terrific writing and performances, The Heist makes her a worthy choice for a full DLC pack. Her story is tight and compact with little room for filler in this beginning part of her story, allowing you to use everything you learned from the main game in the space of around three to four hours should you want to 100% this episode fully.

The Heist kicks off, rather conveniently in the middle of an art museum where Spidey has hard word of a robbery going down. Almost immediately you’re back taking down thugs in plain sight, webbing them up and knocking them out. It’s like you’ve never had a months break from the game (even if I failed this part at first. Hey, I haven’t played it for a while). Getting back into the um, swing of things took a second, but once you remember the controls and remember you have a bloody gadget wheel (yeah, I forgot), everything became a little easier. Finally meeting Black Cat after chasing her cats around during the main game was terrific, and her back and forth with Peter steals the show. Delving deeper into what made Peter who he is and Felicia’s part in creating the Spidey we know is fascinating, and Insomniac don’t shy away from the grittier aspects of their history.

Where’s Mary-Jane in all this? She’s here, on the side, increasingly becoming concerned about the connection between Peter and Felicia but persisting to help regardless. MJ’s ‘girl in the chair’ role in this story works really well, trying to hide her jealousy throughout and learning more about the history of Peter and Felicia than she probably ever wanted to know.

Away from the main story The Heist features a significant amount of its own crimes and side missions to be getting on with and collectibles to find, again all connecting back to the main story thread. There’s a new crime syndicate that Spidey has to take down in various areas of New York, the majority of the them are similar to what we’ve played befre though certain crimes like the bomb defusing (bringing back Peter’s science puzzles) shakes it up a little. There’s a rather cool Sable connection which isn’t an awful lot of fun to being with but you’ll soon be taking down the big guys with little fuss, even if they are stacked here more than ever. Safe to say everything you learned from the main game will be put to the test here during the crimes and the final few missions. Oh and Screwball is back and well, her challenges are all a bit rubbish. If you weren’t a fan of the Taskmaster challenges, these aren’t going to make you feel any better about them.

The Heist then is a packed DLC, kicking off with a terrific new story and leaving us desperately awaiting the next episode. There’s plenty to be getting on with and with a whole new story to tell, it’s been great to jump back into Insomniac’s New York and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC #1 The Heist is available now on PS4 (reviewed on PS4 Pro)

Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we purchased a copy of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man which included the Season Pass. For our full review policy, please go here.


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