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PSVR Horror SYREN coming in November.

PSVR gets some extra horror with SYREN.

Some good news coming from the world of PlayStation VR with the announcement the Hammerhead’s horror title SYREN is coming to the platform on November 6th.

‘You awaken in an underwater facility. The entire structure is creaking under the strain of the ocean’s pressure, the pipes are leaking, its reactor is primed to detonate, and there is something stalking the halls.

Using stealth and cunning, you must stay hidden and solve puzzles, all while watching the shadows for the deadly Syrens. Taking full advantage of the immersion of PSVR, you need to keep your head on a swivel if you having any hope of escaping this godforsaken place’.

SYREN’s PSVR release will also include the second episode, a free-roaming shooter that works as a prequel to the VR title. They’ll release as a package at launch.

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