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Strange Brigade DLC ‘Isle of the Dead’ Review – Bombastically British Barnacle Beasties

Strange Brigade returns with the first part of the three-tier DLC, how does it fare? The FNGR GNS Review;

Have you read our review of the Strange Brigade? If you haven’t, you probably should give it a read here. Safe to say, as a team we love it. It’s the only game we’ve played entirely from start to finish on Twitch as a group and we had a right laugh doing so. Ergo, Season Passes were a must.

The first stack of DLC has arrived with ‘Land of the Dead’, the first level in a three part DLC pack that comes with the Season Pass (along with new characters, weapons, amulets etc). Myself, Sean and Greg jumped onto Twitch and played the whole thing, and if you like you can catch it below;

Watch 💀 X 3 Strange Brigade – The Thrice Damned + Tessie Caldwell from Sean_FingerGuns on www.twitch.tv

The first thing you need to know about this Strange Brigade DLC is that if you’re a fan of the full game, you’re going to be perfectly satisfied with what’s on offer here. There’s very little here which changes up the formula (if anything at all). We have a rather nice new location on a rather glorious golden beach, including some rather terrific design. It’s a shame we don’t stay here for very long, with the game moving you on to the more traditional Brigade levels of ruins and caves. I would have enjoyed tearing it around a little more outside but there we are, I must remember what I’m playing and Strange Brigade has a very particular way of doing things and must stick to it. It’s not a complaint, more of an observation. With a group of friends, it remains an absolute blast to shoot up a hatful of pirate hat wearing beasties that all deserve a kick or two up the ass.

The level incorporates pretty much every enemy type you encounter in the first game – including a mini boss who you’ll recognise and just won’t stay dead – so if you were hoping for some new evil to quash you’re not going to find it here. Essentially, ‘Isle of the Dead’ is nothing more than an extension of the original game and whilst that’s not particularly a bad thing if you’ve enjoyed the main campaign (which we did, all told), if you’re looking for a bit of a formula shake-up you’re not going to find it here. Still, what it does offer is another slice of madcap supernatural team-based shooting that is still as fun as it ever was. Isle of the Dead arrived rather soon after the games initial release, so we were still pretty hungry for more and that’s exactly what this is. Nothing more, nothing less. Just straight up 100% Strange Brigade.

There’s a thinly veiled story which is attempting to tie all of the DLC together. Each chapter will end with you acquiring a piece of a shield, assumedly the final DLC pack will finish off the shield and keep some wrong-uns at bay for a while. You can knock out this level in just under an hour and isn’t particularly difficult if you’ve already beaten the main story. There’s also a new Brigadier in the shape of Tessie Caldwell, an American who joins the fight with a machine gun that has some terrible recoil and a special amulet power reminiscent of Ryu’s hadouken. The narrator also returns and is as hysterical as ever. We’re still not entirely sure where he’s watching all of this action unfold but we’re glad he’s around, a nice addition to the ridiculousness of what Strange Brigade is all about.

You’ve also got new Trophies to unlock, and there’s mostly connected to the collectibles. It’ll add an extra layer of replayability to the level if you’ve missed any on the way.

All in all – and I hate finishing reviews like this but there’s no real other way of saying it – if you got something out of the main game, you’re going to want to dip in here. It’s nothing more, nothing less than exactly what you’ve already played, just more of it. And seeing as we’re big fans of Strange Brigade, that’s absolutely fine by us.

Perhaps the next couple of DLC packs will shake it up a bit. Perhaps. Probably not. Ah well, we’re still looking forward to the next adventure with the Strange Brigade.

Strange Brigade DLC Level ‘Isle of the Dead’ is available now on PC, PS4 (version reviewed on PS4 Pro) and Xbox One. 

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion

Disclaimer; In order to complete this review, we were provided with two PS4 Season Pass codes. For our full review policy, please go here.

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