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Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode pits Agent 47 against Agent 47

Who's the best assassin? Agent 47 or..um, Agent 47? Find out with Hitman 2's new Ghost Mode

The FNGR GNS team have been talking recently about how to implement multiplayer into some of our favourite single-player games. Hitman was on that list, and now we know. Enter Ghost Mode.

In Hitman 2, Ghost Mode is a 1-v-1 online competition pitting two mates up against each other to see who really is the best assassin of them all (basically, we just want to see Greg and Sean finally battle it out in this arena).

How does it work? Well, I’m glad you asked. Ghost Mode allows two players to compete online both playing as Agent 47 to see who can assassinate the most targets in a match. Both players begin next to each and must race to take out the same targets faster and smarter than the other, utilising all of the tricks that Agent 47 is famous for.

What’s interesting is that you’ll always see your opponent in a ‘ghost form’ whilst you hunt targets simultaneously. You can’t kill each other, most importantly. Whoever gets five targets down first, wins.

This sounds really quite interesting and we’re looking forward to giving it a go. Check out more on Ghost Mode below in the announcement trailer;

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