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Numskull reveal 2018 Christmas Jumper Range

Why aren't models ever sat down when they play video games?

Them lovely scamps over at Numskull Designs have today revealed their 2018 Christmas jumper range and well, you’re probably going to want them all.

New designs based on Harry Potter, Sonic, Batman, Spyro, Fallout 76, Rick & Morty, Star Wars and more will be available this Christmas, alongside the current Crash, Deadpool, Skyrim, Street Fighter and Doctor Who ranges.

The most fascinating design? It has to be the Harry Potter Candle Sweater, which features LED CANDLES THAT LIGHT UP. I mean come on. GIMME.

Check out the enormous gallery below for the full range. Pre-order here. The full range is due to launch this November.

Source [Press Release]

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