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Football Manager 2019 Headline Features Revealed

A ton of information just dropped for Football Manager 2019. Full details;

In a rather lengthy press release revealed today SEGA and Sports Interactive have revealed new features being added to the 2019 iteration of the almighty Football Manager series.

First up there’s the Bundesliga license, which will finally see the German league (and Bundesliga 2) included in the game, with all the club badges, kits and faces for the first time in the series long history. If you’ve ever wanted to manage VfB Stuttgart, now is your opportunity. Kick those Dortmund fools right where it hurts. Probably the shins.

Training has seemingly had a massive overhaul, including a brand new ‘training module’ with plentiful new options and programmes’ to develop your young players or to milk the last great season out of a veteran.

In full match mode managers now have more control over the tactics, including new preset tactical style options from famous tacticians in the real world (Jose’s current system probably isn’t going to work, mind). You’ll be able to choose from a huge range of new tactical instructions, something SEGA are keen to stress you’ll immediately notice if you’re a Football Manager fan.

There’s a new Manager Induction system, which acts as a kind of tutorial for newcomers, as it’s obviously quite easy to get overwhelmed in FM. If you’re a stalwart, the system will also act as a way to get to know the new features.

Visually, as you can probably tell from the screenshots the game has had a bit of a makeover, making it all look rather colourful. The user interface (arguably the most important aspect of any FM game) has been updated once again, it would seem Sports Interactive are taking valiant steps to make this iteration of FM as accessible as possible.

And of course, VAR has been added to the tournaments it’s used in (so it’ll be damn near everywhere except the Premier League).

Football Manager Director Miles Jacobson;

“We’ve been through a major shift as a studio over the last year; moving office, improving our working practices as a team and spending a huge amount of time looking ‘under the hood’ of Football Manager.

The result of all this work can be seen throughout Football Manager 2019 – it has a clean new look, and lots of freshness under the hood too, not only with the new features, but also lots of other changes that make it an even more compelling experience to play.

We’re all very proud of what we’ve achieved with FM19 and are very much looking forward to hearing what our fans have to say when they get their hands on it.”

Football Manager 2019 launches on November 2nd on PC and Mac, along with Football Manager Touch for mobile. A Switch version is also planned to be released later in the year.

Source [Press Release]

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