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EGX 2018: Hands-On with WRONGWORLD

In a low-poly world you can do anything and still look damn cute doing it.

The Tentacle Stand at EGX was full of all the weird and wonderful greatness it’s always known for. It’s always a highlight of any of these events to pop down and see just how creative some other human beings are and this year was no exception (check out my preview of Powerless or Logan’s constant returning to Dead End Job). Elsewhere was Wrongworld from Sludj Games, something that was on my list to play and about as bonkers as anything else the Tentacle Stand had to offer.

Wrongworld (available now on Steam if you fancy it) is a survival game where you’re free to explore every corner of its low-poly world at your leisure. The first thing you need to know about the world of Wrongworld is that it’s completely ridiculous. The clue may be in the title, but this free-roaming adventure is about as far away from a traditional survival sim as you can imagine and for me, that’s a very good thing. The first thing that struck me about Wrongworld was your character, genuinely a furry ball of fuzz with legs and googly eyes that seems to take all of the absurdity in this stride. You’re never too far away from danger and whilst I felt like I had to protect my new super furry friend, I always wanted to make sure he was a straight up badass. This didn’t come particularly easily.

Essentially, everything wants to kill you and it’s stupid fun trying to either escape or take on the bastard enemies head on. I came across a Yeti that smashed me to pieces then as I respawned invited a friend of his over to just help out the constant beat downs. There were creatures I can’t explain shooting venomous poison at me for seemingly no other reason other than I was walking through their territory with little regard for my surroundings, just strolling trying to get my head in game. I discovered a power-up which gave me boxing gloves, allowing my hits to have a significant impact but up against these enemies, I was next to useless. I didn’t have an awful lot of time with the game but what I played was enough to understand that taking on the enemies at that point in my playthrough was a rather dumb thing to do.

Filling out this world is a concoction of random items. I came across a vending machine, a bunch of trees that I had to headbutt in order to knock it down and gather supplies. The game is tough as balls with permadeath or non permadeath playthroughs, depending on how hardcore you want to go with the difficulty levels.

The strenuous villains that surround you is delightfully balanced with the oddities of the world you’re in (‘if you’re gonna die a lot, you might as well enjoy it’ as the games’ developer told me during my playthrough. He’s not wrong), so embracing the weirdness is surviving. So long as you can just roll with whatever this game throws at you, it literally could be anything at all, you’re going to have a good time.

I didn’t play a huge number of PC games at EGX this year but Wrongworld definitely stood out amongst everything, purely because of its dedication to the weird. Sludj Games have gone all in crafting a rather tricky survival sim where you’re dumped and left to fend for yourself, countering such peril with a stupidly cute character to roam the world with and enough incomprehensible oddities to engage.

You just want to know whatever the bloody hell the game will throw at you next.

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