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EGX 2018: Hands-On with 3 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT

3 Minutes to Midnight is a very funny point and click adventure game you should have your eye on.

That trailer for 3 Minutes to Midnight which launched in late August got me to their EGX booth. I mean, LOOK AT IT.

Evidently inspired by the likes of Sam & Max, Broken Sword, Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island, 3 Minutes to Midnight is a point and click adventure game with plenty to laugh at and even more to admire.

It isn’t just the visuals that caught my eye during the trailer (which could be one of the best of the year, to be honest), 3 Minutes to Midnight is absurdist and bonkers with a funky mystery playing all the way through. I played the game for around 25 minutes so didn’t get a deep dive into the story but what I played was more than enough to convince me this is going to be a game worth keeping an eye on during its development before launch next year across all consoles and PC.

In my playthrough I was at what looked like a deserted campsite, with a single young woman and a raccoon its only inhabitants. As I clicked my way around the screen to decipher what I needed to do I found myself chatting to a raccoon who was very much talking in its own language that my character could inexplicably understand. I had to get hold of set of keys that were being held by the aforementioned young woman, a young woman who has short blond hair and three very different personalities in her head telling her what to do at all times persistently arguing with each other. This led to some frankly hilarious dialogue, all performed beautifully. I sat there with my headphones on laughing away, trying not to burst out in hysterics attempting to get a handle on what on earth was going on. Safe to say it was a good time.

The keys would be mine if I basically completed some menial tasks the personalities in the head of the girl just seemingly couldn’t be bothered to do. With my orders and after talking to all three of her personalities for a while (I couldn’t turn away, I had to find out more about them all), I was on my way to explore the campsite and find objects that would prove handy to me in my objective. One thing I will say about 3MTM is that is certainly keeps your brain ticking over. It’s not particularly easy for me to work out puzzles in situations where people are watching over my shoulder, but I attempted as best as I could. Ergo, by the end of my demo I hadn’t secured the keys, but damn I had fun trying to unravel it all. I got bitten by many mosquitoes, got shouted at by a raccoon for attempting to steal a candle and caused an enormous fire. Just another level in 3MTM, indeed.

It’s kind of game I could play for hours, or for around thirty minutes on the tube (thankfully a Switch version is incoming). Obviously it felt quite natural to play a point and click with a mouse, so it will be interesting to see how it translates over to console. Honestly point and clicks are not my first port of call when I want to play a video game and they probably never will be, but if the humour and the puzzles of 3MTM keeps up as well as it did in this short demo I played, I’m going to be absolutely all over this.

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