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EGX 2018: Hands-On with BEE KIND

Pollinate the world in the standout NFTS game at EGX 2018.

EGX is bloody tiring. This much is true, anyone that has been there can testify to the sheer vastness of how much there is to see and play and how exhausting it can be dragging your feet across the showfloor, despite how exciting the entire event is.

Still, I needed something to play to calm me down just a tad, something that was going to lower the heart rate and put me in a perpetual state of absolute zen. Bee Kind was that game. Oh, Bee Kind. I miss you already.

Bee Kind is a despicably sweet mobile game which puts you in the shoes (do bees wear shoes? Bees don’t wear shoes, Rossko – Ed) of a busy honey bee exploring vast areas full of plants and flowers which you need to find in order to scavenge seed and food. Flowers bloom as they’re pollinated and as you navigate around (there’s no real directional aid, save for a little white arrow that appears when you’re getting a little lost) you’ll see the fruits of your labour appear as you discover more flowers to pollinate.

There was a moment when playing Bee Kind that I thought to myself ‘wow, I could play this for hours’. It’s about as cute and charming as it gets this side of Kirby platformers and lends itself well to the touch screen control system, navigating your bee (who I named Bee-ee McBeeFace cus I’m like, totally original) with your finger as you explore the world looking for flowers. It’s designed to be a peaceful, easy going experience with little pressure on you to progress with pace and for that reason it’s worth discovering. The colours were jumping off the enormous touchscreen I played the game on, with everything working as it should bright and breezy and seemingly having the desired affect upon me as was intended.

The games’ designer, Hannah Rose Burdett was on hand to answer any questions and guiding me around when I got a little lost. Luckily she was just as charming and friendly as her game and was happy to talk all about it. Bee Kind stood out on the always essential EGX stop at the NFTS booth with its pure vibrancy, and if I hadn’t had an appointment to go and see it I probably would have gone over the check it out for that reason. Hannah recently won the Women in Games student award for Bee Kind and is about to graduate from NFTS with an MA in Games Design and Development. It probably goes without saying that the future is looking very bright for a supreme talent such as Hannah. I’m excited to see what she does next (and I need Bee Kind on Switch. Cheers).

Bee Kind was a highlight of the show for me purely because it was unlike anything else I played there. I wanted to find a game which had a more relaxed sensibility and it delivered in spades. I’m genuinely hugely excited to get my hands on a future release should it ever come to pass, and I’ll pay any money for the privilege of owning my own honey bee plushie.

Keep an eye on this one. You wouldn’t want to Bee without it*. FInd out more about Bee Kind by visiting their website. Alternatively, give em’ the old Twitter follow.





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