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VooFoo Studios announce brand new IP, This Is Pool.

VooFoo are going back to a genre they've already mastered to do it all over again.

Indie developer VooFoo Studios have revealed their latest project and hot damn, we’re a bit excited about it.

Over four years ago VooFoo Studios and publisher Ripstone gave us the sublime Pure Pool, a fantastic pool simulator that we played within an inch of its life with each other, friends and family around the world (literally). We had tournaments, arranged nights around availability to play it and simply fell in love with just how brilliant it was. Now, wonderfully, there’s a new VooFoo Pool game incoming, but this time they’re doing it all on their own.

This is Pool, a brand new IP is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam in early 2019, this time with VooFoo taking on developer and publisher duties. This is Pool, as you can probably tell from the trailer and the screenshots looks incredible with VooFoo pushing a ‘revamped world-class game and physics engine’. The game is said to feature ‘hyper-realistic gameplay’ in a ‘breathtaking simulation’. Safe to say VooFoo aren’t messing around with this one.

This is Pool will feature a career mode, arcade trick shots, scenario challenges, practice mode, mini-games and include ‘every major rule-set played worldwide’, so whatever your favourite way to play pool is, chances are you’re going to find it here. There’s also online and local multiplayer (!) along with a top-down camera view option.

Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios;

“This Is Pool® represents the culmination of all our years’ experience making market-leading cue sports simulations and will offer a much enhanced experience to anything we’ve created before. We’ve rewritten the rule-book to create the most realistic, technically advanced cue sports game ever made that is going to take the genre to the next level.”

We’re going to be playing the game this week at EGX and safe to say we’re rather excited. A new pool game from the makers of Hustle Kings and Pure Pool? Sign us all the way up and back again. Look out for much more on This is Pool in the next couple weeks.


You can join the This is Pool Discord for a chance to gain access to the Beta.

Source [Press Release]

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