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Tetris Effect lands early November

We now have a release date for the PS4/PSVR exclusive.

Enhance have revealed that their upcoming Tetris Effect is coming to PS4 and PSVR on November 9th.

The brand new Tetris experience, which looks to be an full on surrealistic look at the real-life ‘Tetris Effect’ – where you play Tetris so damn much you start seeing Tetrominones wherever you go – and incorporating mind-bending visuals whilst playing the classic puzzler. We’re going to be playing the game this week at EGX so we’ll have a more detailed write-up coming up very soon.

The announcement was made on Twitter earlier today;

Need a reminder? Take a look at the trailer and watch the song – which was written specifically for the game – be buried into your head for the rest of time;

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