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Next-Gen Console Erebus Found in Unreal Engine Code

Speculation time folks. I say speculation because I know nothing about coding or code names for that matter but this snippet of code does indeed hint a new next-gen platform.

So some code has appeared online that is listing out various platforms from PS4 to Android. The thing is there is a sneaky extra platform in there called Erebus. If this is a new console then I’m going to take a punt that it’s from Sony. Why? Well, let’s do a bit of digging. Erebus is a God from Greek Mythology. The God of Darkness of all things. The PS4 was codenamed Orbis, PS4 Pro was Neo, PSVR was Morpheus so it kind of fits with the whole Greek God thing Sony has been using.

One Source has already claimed the Erebus is from Sony;

“It looks like it’s hinting at a new console. In engines you tend to have like a bunch of values to tell you which platform you’re on because they all need to run slightly differently,”

However the eagle-eyed among you will notice that there is no Scarlett in the list of consoles. Scarlett is widely believed to be the codename for the next Xbox. So there is a slim chance that Erebus could be from Microsoft as they are the only company so far to have as good as announced the next Xbox.

My hope is that Erebus turns out to be the next Dreamcast from SEGA which let’s face it, is something we all want to see.

If you’re a code junkie then check out the screens below. Of course, take all this with a pinch of salt, it could also just be a new Tamagotchi.



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