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3 Minutes to Midnight comes in 2019. Trailer;

Scarecrow Studio has revealed their new project, and it's looking like a whole lot of madness.

A trailer has arrived for Scarecrow Studio’s terrific looking adventure game 3 Minutes to Midnight, coming to PC/Mac, consoles and mobile in 2019.

Somewhere in New Mexico, an explosion shatters the night. Plucky teenager Betty Anderson wakes with a jolt. Where is she? Who is she?

Whatever blew up in the desert seems to have wiped her memory clean, but as she’ll soon learn, Betty has a lot more to worry about than amnesia. Like, say, a town full of people who aren’t what they seem, a corrupt mayor, a secret military base, the mafia, and a potbelly pig with a vendetta. Then there’s this little problem of a doomsday plot counting down to the extinction of the human race… and time’s running out.

3 Minutes to Midnight is inspired by the likes of The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle, combining point and click gameplay, puzzles and a rather lovely art style which we dig.

We’re going to be playing 3 Minutes to Midnight at EGX, so look out for more soon!


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