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Nintendo Indie Highlights unveil new games and release dates.

Nintendo laid down their indie schedule and fair to say it's looking great!

Nintendo have dropped a rather mighty Indie Highlights Direct which has featured some big release dates and new announcements.

The biggest news undoubtedly is the release date of Morphies Law, the multiplayer shooter Nintendo have been pushing for a while now which making you bigger whilst shooting another player makes them smaller – is coming to the eShop today along with tough as balls simulator Prison Architect and strategy game Bad North.

Moonlighter is going to be coming to Switch this Autumn, a game we loved when it released on PS4 this year.

ROCKFISH Games Everspace is also coming to the console in December. The ‘Stellar Edition’ contains the game, the expansion along with an art book and a soundtrack with 60 games.

The almighty Terraria is also coming to Switch next year along with Night Call and card battle game Slay The Spire.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, the lovely looking 2D platformer also has itself a firm release date of November 6th on Switch along with Xbox One and PS4.

Windjammers has also been confirmed for October 23rd with the sequel announcement due for next year!


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