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Red Dead Redemption II Trailer Running on PS4 Pro

Did you see the wonderment that was the new Red Dead Redemption II gameplay trailer? If you didn't why the hell not?

If you didn’t here is a handy link to oggle at what could arguably be the best looking game of this generation so far. For those of you that did see, were you, like me, wondering what platform the trailer was running on? Well, the good news is that it wasn’t some super powerful PC it was, in fact, the humble PS4 Pro running at 4K resolution.

The source of this news came from The Official PlayStation Blog with this snippet of text: ‘Captured Entirely From In-Game Footage on PlayStation 4 Pro, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K’.

Not only was it Sony that was boasting about the PS4, but Rockstar also confirmed to USGamer that it was running on a PS4 Pro.

So there you have it. One damn good looking game that’s not being marketed on a super powerful PC like some other publisher do from time to time. Ahem Ubisoft, I’m looking at you.

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