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Destiny 2 Legendary Collection announced

Get everything in a single pack ready for the Forsaken launch.

Looking to kick off your Destiny 2 experience a year after launch? Well, why not. Fortunately, Activision have you covered with the Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection.

Releasing on September 4th – alongside the Forsaken expansion, the pack will feature Destiny 2 and DLC packs The Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

The Legendary Collection will also include a character boost if you want to skip playing through Destiny 2 in its entirety and catch up with everyone else who picked it up at launch like some chump. If you pre-order the pack today you’ll get instant access to Destiny 2 and its original expansions. Result.

Not only that, but Activision have naturally packed this thing full of pre-order bonuses. You’ll also receive a bunch of special rewards from Cayde’s Exotic Stash which includes a unique exotic weapon ornament, Cayde’s ship, a gunslinger themed emote and shaders so you can look like Cayde himself. Ah, poor Cayde.

You want more though, don’t you? Course you do. Activision have also announced and *EVEN BIGGER PACK* known as the Destiny 2: Forsaken Complete Collection, which will feature everything from the Legendary Collection but also include the Forsaken Annual Pass which will cover you for all future post-launch content starting in the Winter of this year with Black Armory. Two more packs – Joker’s Wild and Penumbra – will follow in the Spring and Summer of 2019 respectively.

Check out the Collection trailer with a closer look at Cayde’s fate. Sad face emoticon.

Phew! All of this Destiny goodness is available to pre-order now in digital stores and at retail.

Source [Press Release]

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