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Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Revealed

Whatever you think of Nintendo you can't help but take your hat off to them for all the innovation they show

Nintendo’s latest wild experiment is Labo, cardboard kits that you can make things out of that work with the Switch, it’s all very very clever, but I don’t think any of it comes close to this new Vehicle kit.

Basically, it’s giving you a steering well, accelerator and a boost handle so you can be driving like a pro. But not only that you can do the old switcheroo and turn it all into controls for an aircraft or a submarine if you wish. All thanks to the special Joy Con Key. It’s like the controller that Sonic All Star Racing Transformed was made for. (I would say Mario Kart 8 but the vehicle changes were just cosmetic, not game changing)

Anyway, there is a fabulous new video to showcase the new Vehicle kit. and it’s only $69.99 (around £55) and hits on 14 September. Check it out. It looks awesome.

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