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Guts and Glory Review – Look, but don’t touch.

Guts and Glory is the kind of game in 2018 you'll have a good laugh watching someone else play, but you aren't going to want to pay for this yourself. The FNGR GNS Review;

Guts and Glory caught my eye on the store purely because of its title. I had a vision of tearing it through well crafted levels on a BMX avoiding pitfalls and people throwing stuff at me in beautifully designed worlds that could make me feel like I’m tearing it through the Total Wipeout course and give me an overall sense of total satisfaction that could wash over me like a Christmas Day dinner. It was all hope, trying to aim for the moon here, you know?

Instead, I didn’t quite reach the moon and instead landed within the infinite abyss of space not knowing what I’m doing or where I’m going or how I’m going to survive this. Guts and Glory is fundamentally terrible in nearly every aspect and as such, should be avoided. And yet, there’s something here which may just appeal to the darkest possible sides of your psyche. Kind of. Maybe.

Guts and Glory, as you can probably tell is about as visually appealing as a platypus with its head kicked in. There’s quite simply no reason at all why you would rate the game on its visuals because there is simply nothing here to write about and that it’s running on a PS4 Pro in 2018 is hilarious in itself. Still, if you’ve already booted up the game that chances are the visuals aren’t why you’re here. Is it the UI? It can’t be, that’s awful too.

It has to be the gameplay then right? Well, let’s see. The game send you through various courses on various forms of transport (BMX, motorbikes, cars, quads) and tasks with you with hitting various targets on each level in order to progress. Simple enough? Indeed, but G&G has enforced the wonder of physics based carnage, so it feels more like Goat SImulator than the likes of say, Descenders or Motorstorm. The ragdoll effect of your character which you have no choice over is here and very proud of it, seeing as it has no issue overdramatically throwing itself around these towns and country hillsides and play parks that they are turning into race tracks for some reason.

The mechanics, if there are any, feel lifeless with little control and the camera is about as terrible as you are imagining it to be. The right stick controlled view is useless so you’re stuck with the static camera if you want to see where you’re going. There’s a sequence where you have to use a bike to navigate an area with a lot of ramps. Connected to your bike you have another human being sitting in a tiny tug seat, this of course makes the bike very difficult to drive. Not to worry though, it can be removed. The hilarious thing about that though? The bike still controls in the exact same way, regardless of whether or not the extra weight is removed, so your turning and movement is far too dramatic and as such, makes it supremely difficult to go up ramps and try and his these targets. FFS.

So not much glory so far, but what about the guts? If you fuck up, G&G becomes increasingly more violent thanks to a variety of perilous obstacles that stand in your way of victory. I’ve been beheaded, I’ve exploded several times with my guts and bones strewn across the road. I’ve been chopped in half, impaled on a spike, you name it. As you’re moving on an open vehicle whether it be a bike or a quad, if you crash you can watch your legs disappear (or that of your companion), your broken arms will just flail about and do nothing at all along with broken foot and legs. There are some targets where you can’t reach on your vehicle so you can throw yourself in the air in the hope that you’ll reach the target that your vehicle is unable to and for whatever reason, I found this rather fun. It’s incredibly stupid, but absurd in an entertaining-for-five-minutes kind of way.

It’s all a bit crap then, but to be honest there are laughs to be had. I can’t recommend you go out there and buy this game. In a July like this there are so many actually good games to go out and try and that you can’t be spending money on turgid nonsensical garbage like Guts & Glory.

You might have a good laugh watching it on streams, though.

Guts and Glory is out now on PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One and Steam.

Developer: Hakjak Games
Publisher: tinyBuild Games

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a promotional copy from the publishers. For our full review policy, please go here.

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