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No Man’s Sky ’11 Things That Have Changed Since Launch’ Video

No Man's Sky is a funny thing. I bought it, I played it, I awed at its sheer size, I turned it off and haven't turned in on since.

It was kind of boring, or there wasn’t much of a game there. But, credit to Hello Games, who have gone under a lot of criticism since launch. They have kept plugging away at No Man’s Sky. shaping it, evolving it, and turning it into something that many may not recognise.

To let gamers know that No Man’s Sky is alive and kicking, and to promote their latest update, Hello Games have launched an ’11 Things That Have Changed Since Launch’ trailer. Pinpointing exactly what has evolved over the years since launch. Check out the trailer below


A a message from developer Hello Games’ Sean Murray

Hello everyone – it’s an exciting and super busy month for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky as we have our massive NEXT update launching across all platforms on July 24, and for the first time on Xbox One!

We will be sharing more details about the new content in the run up to launch. But a question we get asked all the time is ‘what’s changed in No Man’s Sky?’, so our friends at 505 Games have made a handy vid “11 Things That Have Changed in No Man’s Sky Since Launch” to remind everybody about the many many things that have changed… since launch.

There are a lot more than 11, in fact there are 100’s as you can see in the lists here: Foundation UpdatePathfinder UpdateAtlas Rise Update

But we chose our favourite 11 as the video would go on for far too long…

Changes we’ve highlighted include a regenerated universe, newly opened portal stargates, new biomes, deeper trading, exocraft for advanced exploration, new modes (Survival / Permadeath / Creative), base building, new missions/story, terrain manipulation, crashed / interstellar freighters, and deeper space combat.

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