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ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Launches this Autumn

Fans of the fucnkadelic ToeJam & Earl should be strutting their funky stuff at the news that the fourth entry in the much loved series is coming to consoles and PC this Autumn

To celebrate this most funktatstic news there is a new trailer and some tasty screenshots for the game to keep you grooving until the game launches later this year.

In other news Back in the Grove will no longer be published by Adult Swim and will instead be self-published.

“We ARE releasing this year!! Right now we have our sights set on a fall release. We will be making a specific release plan announcement in regards to dates as soon as we have that nailed down.

Going forward Adult Swim Games is no longer going to be our publisher. Instead we are going back to self-publishing! Adult Swim Games has some other big titles they plan to launch this summer so when Back in the Groove pushed back, we both agreed that it made sense for them to hand us the reigns, rather than taking a chance on this getting pushed back any more. Also I’d like to say how deeply grateful I and all of us here at HNS are to Adult Swim Games. We wouldn’t have gotten this game to this point without them…seriously. Thank You Adult Swim!!

We are also going to be opening a closed beta within the next couple weeks for our early-access backers, and we’ll be looking for your feedback! Also, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is just about ready to be submitted for certification by Nintendo, and the other console versions are not too far behind. I’ll give you more details about all of this before this update is done.”

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