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GungHo Online Entertainment Announces Ninjala for Switch

A swanky new Switch game has been announced form GungHo and it looks alarmingly like Spatloon. But isn't don't worry.  Ninjala involves bubble gum and martial arts instead of paint which sounds a lot more interesting to be fair.

So Ninjala is a “morphing ninja gum action game that allows players to blow bubble gum to craft weapons” along with that you can then use an unconventional method of ninjutsu. To top off this bizarre sounding cake you can also parkour your way to defeating your opponents. Yeah, I don’t understand it either but hell, sign me up!

“With Ninjala, we are creating a generation-defying game that implements the portable, flexible mechanics of the Nintendo Switch as well as beautifully designed, vibrant levels to appeal to gamers of all ages,” said Kazuki Morishita. “Players will experience stylish fight sequences, loveable characters, and wholesome player interaction. Ninjala’s multiplayer capabilities and polished mechanics make it a blast for all players that lets them create bubble gum warfare madness.”


More information on Ninjala can be found at the official website: ninjalathegame.com.

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