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Classic Sports Game Hyper Sports is coming to Switch

Well, I never saw this coming, classic Arcade & Spectrum game Hyper Sports is coming to Nintendo Switch and I'm all over this.

For the uninitiated, Hyper Sports was an arcade game that let you compete in various Olympic events, ranging from sprint, long jump, shooting and various other games. It was the birth of the button masher, you know, tap the button as fast as you can to sprint your on-screen character as fast as he can. You have to be in your 40s to remember this game but some of you might know Konami’s other sports title of PS One, International Track & Field which was similar.

Anyway, Konami is bringing the game back in the form of Hyper Sports R and it’s coming to Switch. In this new version, there are 20+ characters to choose from to build up and compete with. Events include Track & Field, Beach Volleyball and Swimming. This new version will also feature a Quick Play mode where you and four friends can play together. Thankfully there is also a single-player campaign where you can build and train a team. Joy-Con support is used along with motion controls which could make the game far more interesting. I can’t wait for this as I loved the original.

More details coming soon

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