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Watch an expert annihilate Tetris Effect in VR

Fair to say you may not have seen anything like this before.

It’s fair to say here at FNGR GNS Towers we’re rather excited to get our hands on Tetris Effect, the latest iteration in the franchise which brings the series into Virtual Reality for the very first time.

But hey, we can all play Tetris, and we all think we’re pretty good at it but have you ever seen the greatest player in the world have a go? Whilst playing in PSVR for the very first time on a controller he’s never used before?

Nick Robinson’s YouTube channel just uploaded perhaps one of the coolest videos we’ve seen for the first time, with Tetris expert Trey Harrison playing Effect for the first time, in and out of PSVR. Have a look at the brilliant video below.

We may have watched this a few times. Pure magic, give us Tetris Effect now please.

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