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[VIDEO] The Flame in the Flood Switch unboxing.

Rossko unpacks the Super Rare Games edition of Molasses' The Flame in the Flood.

We received a nice little package through the door this morning which made Rossko go into a bit of a frenzy. You see, for the longest time he’s a huge fan of The Flame in the Flood, so much so that sometimes we need to put him in a cupboard to keep him quiet.

So when Super Rare Games were kind enough to send over a physical copy of The Flame in the Flood on Nintendo Switch, there was only one person who was going to unbox it. Have a nose here and see what goodies are included with this very rare physical package.

But it here: https://superraregames.com/collections/products/products/srg-2-the-flame-in-the-flood-switch

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