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UPDATE: Team Sonic Racing officially revealed.

SEGA have confirmed the team-based racer coming to all platforms this winter.

UPDATE: Team Sonic Racing has been confirmed by SEGA and is heading to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One this winter, with Sumo Digital developing.

The game will support 12 players online, along with a four-player splitscreen on all platforms. 15 characters will be available at launch, and it looks like there is a strong emphasis on team-based racing. Who would have thought it?

Check out the trailer;


Those sneaky chumps at Walmart are at it again. Seemingly they can’t wait to get games listed on their site. The latest game they have revealed before SEGA could do so is a new Sonic the Hedgehog racer called Team Sonic Racing, which is coming to Switch only by all accounts. Of course, Walmart has form for this leaking Rage 2 days before the official announcement.

So let’s get into some details. The listing suggests that TSR will have 12-player online racing and four-player offline split screen along with a story mode. There will be 15 playable characters all separated into different classes of speed, technique and power. Expect special moves and powers ups as is part of the course with Kart racing-esque games.

You can head over to Walmart via this handy link to see for yourself, although get in quick as SEGA might have it taken down.

A new Sonic Racing game has been teased for a while by Sumo, so it’s nice to see that a new game is incoming, especially as the previous Sonic Racing games were fantastic. (Xbox owners can get a taste of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed with June’s Games with Gold)


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