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7 IP’s Sony Should Reinvigorate For The PS4

Sony are looking to their past to bolster their future exclusive games stable. We have a few suggestions of forgotten IP’s that’d make great PS4 games. During Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting and IR Day which took place in Japan yesterday, […]

Sony are looking to their past to bolster their future exclusive games stable. We have a few suggestions of forgotten IP’s that’d make great PS4 games.

During Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting and IR Day which took place in Japan yesterday, SIE President & CEO John Kodera talked extensively about the future of their exclusive game catalogue. Looking at the next 3 years, Kondera stated that the company was looking to “enrich and utilize its exclusive titles portfolio” by introducing new IP’s as well as pushing existing successful ones. By this, the PlayStation head probably meant that they’ll be looking to forge ahead with new games in those franchises that are now synonymous with their 8th generation console – God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc – but this statement has led some sections of the internet (namely Twitter) to speculate that Sony might be looking to the past to bolster their future.

Just a cursory glance over the list of Sony owner IP’s that have been put out to pasture is eye-opening stuff. There’s a tonne of historic console generation defining games in that collection that have yet to make the leap to the PlayStation 4. Sony aren’t averse to utilising their past success’ to fill the holes in their current generation console either – The WipEout Omega Collection and the upcoming MediEvil remake can attest to that – so this got us thinking. If Sony were to reinvigorate some more of their IP’s from the past, which would we like to see? Thus, this list was born. Check it out and let us know what Sony owned IP’s you’d like to see make the leap to the PS4 in the comments below.

1). Jak & Daxter

If the PS4 reboot of Ratchet & Clank taught us anything, it’s that in the right hands, the 3D action platformer genre still has a lot of life left in it. With Pixar movie level visuals, modern-day level design and a family friendly plot, the game blew away the low expectations left by the frankly middling movie it was based on. If the Jak and Daxter IP was handed to the right people, say to a second party studio like Insomniac (once they’ve wrapped on Spider-Man of course), we could perhaps expect the same thing. The Jak games have recently found their way to the PS4 as remasters but they’re certainly showing their age, even with a HD spit shine, but fans of the franchise are now calling for a reboot and, being a household name among many long-time PlayStation gamers, this might make a lot of sense.

2). WipEout

It feels like every month there’s a game that launches that’s trying to recapture the magic on Sony’s original anti-grav racer. From Radial-G to Antigraviator, there’s still a lot of high-speed sci-fi racers around but it took the WipEout Omega Collection to really hit home what a glaringly obvious hole this was in Sony’s first-party offerings. By all accounts, the Omega Collection sold like hot cakes and is now deemed to be one of the most essential experiences for PSVR too. The market for a new, good WipEout game certainly seems to be there but Sony need to find the right studio to do the game justice and since they closed Studio Liverpool, they’re possibly lacking in the experience needed.

3). Warhawk

Our man Paul would have disowned me if I’d not included Warhawk on this list. The once celebrated online shooter was well ahead of its time when it launched on the PS3 (yes, I know this version was a remake of the PS1 game, it’s just that the PS3 version was better) and still has a group of dedicated fans that still play today. Our writer Paul has been campaigning for a remake or even just a PS4 re-release for a while now (read here) and even spoke to the game’s creative director Dylan Jobe on Warhawk’s 10th birthday about the possibility. Online shooters are a very obvious hole in Sony’s first party offerings and with Warhawk an established IP that appeared on 2 previous console generations, this might be a no-brainer.

4). Destruction Derby

The Destruction Derby games were, at the time of their releases, phenomenal. Until that point, car damage was a superficial aspect of racing games which the then named Psygnosis turned completely on its head, making it an integral part of the racing experience. When Sony purchased Psygnosis, they also acquired the Destruction Derby IP which has lay dormant ever since. As the Burnout series seems to be taking an extended hiatus (no, the remaster doesn’t count) and with games like Danger Zone failing to replicate the destructive majesty that these games provided, there’s a gap in the market for Destruction Derby to make an explosive return using modern-day crash physics. Failing that, we’ll have to wait and hope for Wreckfest

5). Cool Boarders

Much like Skateboarding games, snowboarding games seem to have fallen completely out of favour with gamers in the past decade. More realistic, open world experiences like Steep and SNOW seem to have taken precedence over the linear trick focused, Fear Factory/Run-D.M.C. backed edge of SSX and Cool Boarders. Sure, it’s unlikely that Sony are likely to give a new Cool Boarders game a massive budget but as a smaller game, perhaps with an external studio working with their XDev team, I’d be nice to see a bit of that cheeky, snow kissed attitude that ran deep through these games make return to Sony’s consoles.


A SOCOM battle royale mode. Need I say more? Every man, his dog, his dog’s groomer and the mailman are making battle royale games right now and I can’t imagine it’ll be long before all the console manufacturers are getting in on the act. If Sony are to parachute into the battle royale genre hoping to make an impact, I personally hope that it comes baring the name and slick gun play of SOCOM and it comes complete with a single player campaign and non-battle royale modes too, just like the good ol’ days. I’ve already made my in-depth case elsewhere on why SOCOM is ripe for a comeback (read here) and failing that, at least we’ll have H-Hour: World’s Eilte one day.

7). The Getaway

If SIE London’s PSVR shooter The Heist (part of the PlayStation VR Worlds) and the upcoming Blood and Truth are anything to go by, I think it’s fair to say that the UK-based studio still has the chops to make a full-blooded Cockney adventure. In years gone by, the studio were responsible for the London-based GTA-alike The Getaway and the sequel, Black Monday, both of which are guilty pleasures of mine. The third game for the PS3, which was cancelled when Team Soho merged with Studio Camden to form what would become SIE London and they were refocused to work on EyeToy games, looked like it was shaping up nicely too. I’m under no illusion that Sony would be willing to write a Jeff Beck* to pay for the development of another open world game in the Getaway series that’s on par with GTA, but the premise itself is one that’s probably worth revisiting with modern-day consoles. Tastes are changing and linear games are finding their audience again so a game on the scale of The Order 1886 might be enough to propel this forgotten IP back to its Mae West**.



There you have it. 7 Sony owned IP’s we think should get a new lease of life on the PS4. Got other ideas? Think Rogue Legacy needs a sequel? Or maybe Dark Cloud/Chronicle? How about a bit of G-Police? Hit up the comments section and let us know what Sony owned IP’s you think deserve revitalisation for the PS4.

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    The one I’d add gets brought up often in these types of conversations & rightfully (imo) so! Legend of Dragoon!! People have been clamoring for a 2nd game for decades now!! C’mon, Sony, now’s the time!

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