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Rumor – Open World Star Fox Game, F-Zero and New Donkey Kong Country at E3?

Wow, this is like the gigaton bomb drop that Nintendo fans have been waiting for. A recent post on an IGN forum has suggested that at E3 2018 Nintendo will have three major titles on show, and if this turns […]

Wow, this is like the gigaton bomb drop that Nintendo fans have been waiting for. A recent post on an IGN forum has suggested that at E3 2018 Nintendo will have three major titles on show, and if this turns out to be true, are going to be guaranteed show stealers. An open world  Star Fox game!! a new, long overdue F-Zero game and a new Donkey Kong Country!

Let’s get to the details… all this is via the ‘source’ so you know take with all the salt you dare. So, the new Star Fox game won’t actually be Called Star Fox but will be based on that IP and is set to be called ‘Lylat System’ which as you know is the galaxy where the game takes place. This new game was originally planned for release on Wii U, but, we all know what happened to that

This is the full report from IGN user FluidlySolid:

  • Began in development early March 2014.
  • Originally a Wii U game, was supposed to get a reveal trailer at E3 2016 and released summer 2017, but was held back, then moved over to Switch in late 2016 and delayed.
  • This is not a first-person game.
  • Playable at E3.
  • You begin the game as Fox, but you can also play as Falco, Slippy, and Peppy, plus others new to the world of Star Fox.
  • Star Fox is not in the title of the game, as he is one of many playable characters, not the main focus. The real focal point here is the galaxy itself and what it holds… and what wants to rule it.
  • Both Retro and Nintendo wanted to re-imagine the Star Fox franchise. So expect quite a difference and a big game. Not just change in resolution.
  • You can choose to play through the game as any one character and get different cinematics, storytelling, side quests and gear than other characters.
  • The main story is, in a nutshell, the same for all characters, but the point of view in cinematics and their importance in storytelling, and side-quests changes depending on who your current selected character is.
  • Fox and co. get more powerful. They level up. More tools, weapons, gear, vehicles, clothing, and armor. Stores and specialists scattered around the system.
  • You can switch between characters at any time when docked to Great Fox, home base, outposts or space stations. The other characters follow you either on foot or in vehicles.
  • Switching is real-time at these hub areas, so no long loading screens as the character specific content loading are cleverly hidden in these areas.
  • You can give commands to your squad as a whole or select certain characters and give orders. If you are not playing as Fox, you might receive orders from him.
  • Hubs are not far-between so you can change characters almost any time you see fit.
  • Six or seven main planets, each has its unique atmosphere, landscape, population, cities, towns, lore, and danger.
  • Explorable areas on these six main planets range from 15 square miles, up to around 60 square miles for the biggest one.
  • There are smaller planets that players can explore too. These planets are much smaller in explorable areas, though the planets themselves are big, some parts are not reachable. Yet. Future DLC?
  • There are not just planets to explore. Asteroid belts, abandoned space stations and space crafts, and more.
  • Returning (controllable) vehicles: Arwing, Landmaster, Wolfen, Blue Marine
  • New vehicles (not complete): Airbug (two-seater buggy with jet boosters to hover over land and water. Fast and agile, but low on weapons and vulnerable) Dro-Naut (circular shaped spy-drone, remote controlled or manned (Foxed?), can dive into water for a short period of time but can’t dive very deep. Called Doughnut amongst staff because of the name and shape) Rotasplit (Heavy-artillery helicopter that can release its cockpit from low altitude, which turns it into a mining capsule to invade areas from beneath while the helicopter itself, in drone-mode, provides aerial support)
  • amiibo support. Of course. There are ten new amiibos incoming based on Lylat System. What they bring to the game is unknown.
  • Holiday 2018 release

Star Fox fans may know that this is not the first time the foxy one has stepped outside his spaceship and explored on land. Star Fox Adventures on Game Cube wasn’t a great success but was, in fact, a really good platforming adventure. So that with flying and exploring of different planets. Well, that’s just got win written all over it. We all know how well Nintendo do open-world games, just look at Zelda (even though I didn’t like it)

The other games mentioned, but not in such great detail are a new F-Zero game being developed Shin’en Multimedia with story mode, arcade, and online modes. Again the last F-Zero game we got to play was on the Game Cube and was epic. It’s about time that we got a new game, which would be a perfect fit for the Switch.

Finally, there is a new Donkey Kong Country game going by the name of Donkey Kong Country: Wooden Fury. No details but is set to launch in 2019.

So there you have it. If these games are to be shown off at E3 then this would be one of the best E3s in years. Of course, none of this can be verified and I’m finding it hard to believe that a game as epic in scope as Lylat System hasn’t been mention before. Could this be Nintendo’s best-kept secret? I really hope so.





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