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Lets Rank the Far Cry Games

Which Far Cry is far and away the best? Paul ranks the series;  It’s hard to believe that Far Cry games have been around in one iteration or another for 14 years. All the island killing shenanigans started way back […]

Which Far Cry is far and away the best? Paul ranks the series; 

It’s hard to believe that Far Cry games have been around in one iteration or another for 14 years. All the island killing shenanigans started way back in 2004 on the PC with the original Far Cry. At the time it pushed the boundaries of graphics and gameplay and cemented its place in gamers minds. Since then there has been a Far Cry on every format including the Wii, which we are still trying to forget about. Far Cry has certainly been a stable for Ubisoft over the years, and a series they are not afraid to try something different with.

Now that we’ve all had a chance to play Far Cry 5 we can see where it ranks among the others. So, in my wisdom I though it would be a good idea to dust down some of the older games, check them out and create a lovely list so I can rank these sandbox death-dealing wonder games from worst to best. We’re good to you like that.

Far Cry Vengeance -Wii – 2006

The one and only Far Cry game to appear on Wii and undoubtedly the last as it was terrible. Partly due to the fact it was based on a version that had already been shrunk down for Xbox, but had unless controls and shit graphics. The two things that Far Cry generally excel at.

Far Cry – PC – 2004

The original, the daddy, the don. This is the game that started things off. Not quite the game you’re used to playing these days, for one you were stranded on an island full of mutants, and you were a soldier. Still you had the open world elements and the option to go stealth go gun-ho. Quite revolutionary way back when.

Far Cry Instincts Xbox -2005

You may be surprised to see this version so high up the list. It’s not arguably the greatest in the series but it was an Xbox exclusive remake of the original and was quite the engineering marvel to get the game to run on the ‘Box. Sure they cut some of the elements out, but at the time, it was a game that no one thought possible on console. I’ll take that.

Far Cry Primal – PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2016

A spin-off from Far Cry 4, and was set back in the prehistoric age, taking away your guns, and ammo and giving you bow and a spear instead. It was a nice change of pace for Far Cry but I kind of wished that this could be the start of a new IP, and not just a spin-off and as a result it didn’t really feel like Far Cry to me.

Far Cry  4 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2014

For some reason I did not like this game. Something about it just didn’t sit right with me. Perhaps it was because it was the first game since the magnificent Far Cry 3, but Pagan Min and the location just seemed to have lost the magic the former game worked so hard to create. Forgettable.

Far Cry 2 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2008

Never has a Far Cry game been so ‘Marmite’ you either love it or hate it. Personally I loved it. It was such a different, bold and brave direction for the series. It wasn’t perfect, the muddy colours, jamming weapons and those never-ending respawning enemies soured the game somewhat. But over all, the good points outweigh the bad. Worth checking out if you haven’t played it already.

Far Cry 5 – PS4, Xbox One, PC – 2018

The latest in the series,but not the best. Although you can still have a grand old-time (just ask Rossko). For me it just seemed a little dare I say dull?. The location is great, the gameplay is OK and Joseph Seed is nowhere near as menacing as Vaas. However it does have perhaps the most tense intro to a game I have ever played.

Far Cry Blood Dragon – PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2013

Another spin-off, like Far Cry Primal, only this time you were plunged into a futuristic world set in the 80’s. And it was great, Chessy voice acting, excellent 80’s visuals and a character that share more than a passing resemblance to Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. In fact there are probably references to all the top 80s action films. It was just so much fun to play, and that’s what matters at the end of the day right?

Far Cry 3 – PS3, Xbox 360, PC – 2013

By far the greatest Far Cry game of them all. Vass is arguably the most menacing villain in gaming history. The story was spot on. Friends enjoying a holiday on a paradise island then it all goes wrong, leaving you having to learn to survive AND be accountable for all the terrible things you do through the game. The open world was beautiful, hunting animals actually rewarded you with new and better gear. Ubisoft managed to balance the need for action with the need for a great story.

Sure the later games may be bigger and better looking but noting compares to the adrenaline pumping fear and isolation you feel in Far Cry 3.

So there you have it, 9 games, actually can’t believe there have been 9 in total. As much as I love these games, I think they are staring to suffer from ‘Assassin’s Creeditis’ which means Ubisoft may need to take got back to the drawing board and think of a fresh new direction for Far Cry 6 which will be the tenth game in the series.

These are only my opinions of course, so let me know what your choices would be in the comments.

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