There’s a galaxy on fire on Nintendo Switch. Manticore Galaxy on Fire, the FNGR GNS Review;

Having grown up on space adventures like Star Wars, The Last Star Fighter, Battlestar Galactica, part of me has always yearned to jump into a spaceship and lead a team into battle. So when I read the synopsis of Manticore Galaxy on Fire I jumped at the chance to become a celebrated space hero, taking down Space Pirates and blowing ships to pieces. But after playing the game for a few hours boredom started to creep in like time in a damaged stasis chamber.

Manticore Galaxy on Fire started life as a Smartphone game and in places you can still see hints of that, but the port onto the switch looks pretty smooth when playing on the handheld screen and doesn’t look to bad on my TV either. THe premise of the game is you are recruited by a Mercenary carrier called The Manticore, who are investigating a conspiracy called The Shattering which killed lots of people. Rather than being some sort of rebel fighter taking on the forces of evil, you are basically G4S guarding convoys and shipments while taking down pirates and other companies who are bidding lower for contracts than you. But after you get over this you discover that the dogfights you have are pretty fun and easy to jump into. The voice acting for the characters is excellent and helps you fell more invested in the story than just reading text boxes, with the stand out character being your ship’s A.I who has more sassy-ness than the Cat from Homeward Bound (if you don’t get this reference then sort your life out). However, I do wish that the characters had a little more back story to flesh them out to get you to care about them. You get around 8 hours of game play which is pretty good for the price you pay for the game with 35 locations for you to explore and battle in but this is where the game falls out of light speed.

Every area will have the same formulaic set up – A) Accompany Convoy B) Get into a Dog Fight C) Take down the Boss of that location D) Explore for Power Ups etc. The first few times this is fun and you feel excitement, but after a while it gets a bit monotonous and I wished that there was a bit of variety in the locations. Even the A.I was repetitive in their attacks where they fly at you then dodge at the last minute, so once you had this figured out it was a simple case of move, shoot, repeat. The controls are nice and easy which allows you to get right into the action with ease, and the HUD is nicely laid out and shows you when you are locked onto an enemy or where your objective is. The games sounds okay but the big explosions leave something to be desired, and yes I know that space is a vacuum so you wouldn’t actually hear the explosion but tell that to George Lucas then come at me with your logic! There is also no option for multiplayer which baffled me as this game would be perfect for co-op or battling against your friends, and feels like an opportunity missed.

The customisation of the ship is nicely done, with you finding or unlocking items and different weapons throughout your missions. I must take my hat off to the developers for not including micro-transactions, which would have been an easy option to make some more money but I am glad they went down the route of the good old “Work for it” option. You can also unlock up to 9 ships which was pretty cool, each with their own set of weapons and upgrades to keep you busy and spending your in game cash wisely.

Overall Manticore Galaxy on Fire is a fun game and is definitely worth the £17.99 price tag at launch, but the lack of multi-player and the repetitiveness of the missions doesn’t give it that replay appeal that it should have. But nevertheless this is a solid game and for the price is definitely one to pick up for your Switch.


Manticore Galaxy on Fire is out now.

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