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For the King Review – Battles to be great, but ends up Okay

The Table Top RPG comes to Steam. For The King, the FNGR GNS review;  Being a fan of Table Top RPG’s I do like when a game manages to capture some of the magic and feeling of sitting around with […]

The Table Top RPG comes to Steam. For The King, the FNGR GNS review; 

Being a fan of Table Top RPG’s I do like when a game manages to capture some of the magic and feeling of sitting around with friends and immersing yourself into a fantasy world full of Monsters, Dragons and Busty Warrior Clerics (even if the aforementioned character is played by your 42 year old mate Gerald who lives with his mum). So when i managed to get my hands on the early access to For The King I rolled 20 for excitement and delved right in.

The game is an old school throwback with it’s 3 vs 3 turn based battles and hex based map, but it is fresh enough to leave any doubts behind when playing. The story starts with the King being assassinated and the Queen recruits you and your two companions to uncover the mystery, and as you make your way around the map you uncover side quests and random enemies such as Old Hags, Giant Crows and Werewolves to battle along the way. Ominously when you load the games it tells you that you will die and in a subtle way not to rage quit as it’s all part of the fun, but when a Giant Crow takes out your Minstrel you do need to take a few deep breaths before carrying on. The music and sound effects fit in perfectly, with medieval music and sounds that really add to the atmosphere of the game.

You can select different classes for your three characters ranging from a Blacksmith who smashes enemies with his hammer to a Scholar who reads from a book and does damage some how (it could be a Dan Brown novel). You can customise the look of the characters to a small extent but it isn’t anything worth complaining about as it doesn’t really add or take away anything from the enjoyment of the game. When moving around the map you will see icons either fill up or turn red determining how good your “roll” was and you simply click to where your moves will allow you to go. I was a tad annoyed there wasn’t a manual roll option and some sort of die on screen, but I can see why they took the option they did and people who like their D&D etc won’t lose too much sleep over this omission.

The battles are nothing special, just your standard 3v3 jab fest which can be challenging sometimes, but all to easy at others. Dungeon crawls are probably the most fun I had when battling enemies, with different types spread out throughout the layers of the dungeon which you can’t leave until you have cleared it. Many times my party got totally wiped out and that’s when it began to get annoying, as you start over with the same quest and same orders to go to the same places. The map changes slightly but after 3 hours of playing you have to backtrack and do all the same things again if you die does make you think “Is it worth it?”. That said the game is fun and the cartoon-like graphics do make you want to carry on, but everyone has their limit as to  how many times they have to go to a glowing cave and retrieve a gem.

If in the final version these scenarios could be changed and be randomly assigned on the start of each new game, I think it would increase the longevity of the game.

Overall For the King is a fun game that will appeal to a broad audience, but the lack of story options may just be annoying enough for people to down their swords and leave the fantasy realm for good.

For the King is available on Steam. Download here,

Devs: Iron Oak Games
Publisher: Curve Digital

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review we were provided with a review code from the publishers. For our full review policy please go here.

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