‘Bring us the girl…wipe away the debt’. 

It would seem Mr. Jason Schreier has once again uncovered development on a brand new game. This time, it’s over at 2K, and a top-secret Bioshock game has seemingly been leaked.

Included in a genuinely brilliant report regarding the troubled development of Mafia III Kotaku have seemingly uncovered that a new title is in development next door to Hangar 13. It would seem the developers of Mafia III were working on an espionage game before it ended up in limbo. Meanwhile, the development team just next door were beavering away on something that was yet to be announced. This game has turned out to be the next Bioshock.

From the article;

“Some developers at Hangar 13 looked over and wondered, ‘Why are we not there?’ The Parkside [the codename for the new BioShock game] team was working with the familiar Unreal Engine rather than volatile proprietary technology, and BioShock has a ton of cachet among developers and fans. Between Mafia III’s mediocre reviews and [Hangar 13’s new project’s] constant shifts, some members on the Hangar 13 team were desperately hoping to move next door.”

It would seem there is still a fair amount of unrest at Hangar 13, namely that their team wasn’t asked to take part in the development of a new game in a multi-million selling franchise.

There’s little to no chance of seeing the game anytime soon then one would imagine. Is it bound for even the next generation of consoles?

Time will tell. But still, a new Bioshock is coming. Cheers, Jason.

Source [Jason Schreier, Kotaku]

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