Oh, you gotta see this thing. 

There’s every chance you’ve gotten rather lost within Monster Hunter World over the last few months. The dizzying popularity of the game has seen a legion of fans get rather excited at the mere mention of the game and anything connected to it, so it seems somewhat fortuitous that Loot Crate today have confirmed that a Jawblade replica for Monster Hunter World will be included in April’s Gaming ‘Hunt’ Loot Crate.

What, you thought we’d let you go hunt monsters without a weapon? The Jawblade is one of the most iconic swords in the Monster Hunter series, and World is already one of our favourite games of the year, so we’re thrilled to bring you this collectible scale replica to add to your arsenal! Swing responsibly. “

This months crate also includes Loot from Far Cry 5, Dark Souls III and Batman Arkham City. Ooft. Check out the trailer reveal below;

Source [Press Release]

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