For me, it was pretty much a given that Watch Dogs 3 was going to happen. Sure the first game was a little underwhelming (play it again it’s actually really good the second time) but Watch Dogs 2 was an actual thing of beauty and cemented the game as one of my all-time favourites  And of course lets not forget the ending to the game SPOILERS where there are hints that any new game in the series could be set in London, or Brixton to be exact.

Now if we fast forward a year or so, Ubisoft played a nice little April’s Fools joke by letting gamers hack into the UPlay admin console. It all looked rather cool but of mainly this was some kind of ‘hack’ which is what Watch Dogs is famous for. Soon after, Ubisoft tweeted “This is Everything” Which is you know anything about the Watch Dogs universe, everything is connected. Of course a few minutes later the tweet was deleted. Cleary Ubisoft are building hype for something.

Finally, Ubisoft will soon launch their gaming assistant called SAM. It’s still in beta but some beta testers have started asking SAM about Watch Dogs three and they all get the same answer:

Watch_Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build, I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!

So you see,  there is some hype building up around the game which is exactly what Ubisoft wants. I would take a guess at something being shown off at E3 with a possible 2019 release date. You can see the full video of how all this hype has been tied together below. Obviously, this is not official confirmation, just speculation but take it with just a grain or two of salt as I think this is pretty much spot on.


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