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Little Adventure on the Prairie Review – The Worst Game I’ve Ever Played

Little Adventure on the Prairie is quite possibly the worst game you’ll ever pay for. The Finger Guns Review; Can you remember the height of the Newgrounds Flash game craze in the late 90’s, early 00’s? It was a wild […]

Little Adventure on the Prairie is quite possibly the worst game you’ll ever pay for. The Finger Guns Review;

Can you remember the height of the Newgrounds Flash game craze in the late 90’s, early 00’s? It was a wild time. The website hosted some sublime flash games like Assassin and Alien Hominid that were completely free to play. Some of these games went on to become sucsessful boxed games for consoles too. Oh course, back in the day Newgrounds wasn’t packed with classics and there were hundreds of turgid messes churned out by would-be game developers looking to find an audience. The reason I bring this up is because playing “Little Adventure on the Prairie” reminds me of those flash games from that era. And not the good ones either.

The title ‘Little Adventure on the Prairie’ gets one thing right. This game is little. 12 levels long, split into 3 separate themes, the 2D game challenges you to walk along an environment to defeat between 10 and 15 enemies that walk directly at you. You play as an unnamed blue haired protagonist that wields a sword using one singular attack. This title will take you between 20 minutes and half an hour to complete. The rest of the game’s title is a bold face lie because there’s no ‘Prairie’ to speak of and this game can in no way be described as an ‘adventure’.

Little Adventure on the Prairie is a steaming pile of barely functioning mechanics, rough copy/pasted textures and ill-conceived ideas. The list of issues I have with the game would take longer to write than it did for me to complete the game – but here’s a sample. The background art doesn’t line up with one another – you can see the seams of one piece of art work lined up against the next. Your character can jump and get caught mid-air on an invisible box surrounding each enemy which means you just float there until the enemy dies. There are gaps in platforms which work as pitfalls for your character but enemies simply walk across. Textures simply disappear as you walk across them and are replaced with a grey box. The combat mechanics are entirely nonsensical – it seems like only the end of a sword causes damage which means you can swipe through an enemy a number of times and they don’t take any damage. There are certain floor tiles which cause damage but there’s no prior warning about it. The three tracks in the soundtrack are about as appealing as listening to someone have a drilling and root canal filling at the dentist. There’s no way to block incoming damage and the amount of damage done by an enemy attack seems entirely random. The character animation on both the hero character and the foes are so lacklustre, they make it look like a puppet show performed by someone who just polished off their 12th Jagerbomb. I needn’t go on because I think you get the picture.

Little Adventure on the Prairie is the worst game I’ve ever paid for and even though it cost less than a Grab Bag of Monster Munch, I still feel like I’d been robbed. This is another title that’s riding the wave of Sony’s lack of PS Store quality control by offering you a Platinum trophy you can ‘earn’ in the space of half an hour but unlike the rest, this one is barely functional. Save your money and revisit some of the tripe that ended up on Newgrounds instead. At least they’re free. We only ever give out 0/10 review scores to games we couldn’t finish because of game breaking bugs here at Finger Guns and because I did manage to force my way though its 30 torturous minuets, I’ll have to settle with giving it this instead…

Little Adventure on the Prairie is available now on PS4, PSVita (review version) and Nintendo Switch.

Developer: Infinite Madaa
Publisher: Infinite Madaa

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we purchased a copy of the game. For more information, please see our review policy.

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  • April 12, 2018 at 10:12

    Sony’s PSN store is such a mess. I wish there was a company out there that gave Sony a little bit of competition this gen. Sure, they are churning out the AAA titles by the month but the overall feeling of PSN=GarbageCollection and Cashgrabs is out of control. You can almost never rely on the description given in the store. One has to always check a review site first if one is going to buy the next big trudy on a stick.

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