We get our hands on this weeks ogre killing behemoth. 

After what feels like an actual eternity (well, since last June-ish), we’ve been getting rather excited about Iron Galaxy’s Extinction, an adventure action game which puts you in the hero shoes of the sole warrior that can stop the enormous Ravenii from finally finishing off humanity once and for all. We’ve covered the game an awful lot and also threw it into this months ‘Games to Get Excited About’ feature, so safe to say we’ve had a hankering for taking down big ass ogres ever since we saw the first trailer.

Well, we’ve been fortunate to have had the game for a little while and our full review is coming tomorrow so make sure you head back to FNGR GNS to see what we thought of the game.

In the mean time, we’re allowed to show you some gameplay today and that’s exactly what you’re getting. No commentary, no review spoilers, just straight up playthrough goodness from a few of the early levels. Rossko sucks, but he comes good in the end.

Extinction arrives tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Look out for our review from early morning.

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