Spider-Man, Spider-Man, PS4 only because he can…..

In case you didn’t already know. Spider-Man PS4 is Game Informer’s game of the month, so along with brand new footage, and pre-order details there are of course a lot more game details. From the different forms of combat, the various suits, the levelling system to some of the side activities Spider-Man will be able to carry out.

There will be much more in the game of course, but for now, this is enough to get the mouth watering.


  • You start off with the traditional suit
  • They don’t explain the white spider but do explain some aspects of the new suit, the red parts on the suit are made for armor reinforcement, where he might get hit the most and the blue parts are used for flexibility in order to traverse easier
  • They saw silhouettes of a dozen suits, but they said there would be more in the final game
  • It seems like certain suits will have their own abilities


  • It’s fast and fluid
  • Spider-Man jumps from one enemy to the next with ease
  • All about giving the player choices; webbing up and using items, fighting enemies in the air, using gadgets, finishing moves.

Peter Parker

  • The part that they got to play with Peter Parker is the one we see in the PGW trailer at the F.E.A.S.T shelter
  • Walk around the shelter interacting with various items, speaking to characters
  • They compare it to those quiet moments in Uncharted games where people are walking around going about their business interacting with each other and various things in the environment

The Open World

  • The city is densely packed with people and life. Saying that none of the details disappear when they are at a distance
  • Can interact with citizens; take selfies with them, high five, finger guns
  • Definitely Marvel’s Universe; Avengers building, Wakandan Embassy

Side Activities

  • One has you grabbing various backpacks that Peter has webbed up in the past, the one they picked up in the demo had an image Spider-Man’s old web shooters
  • Taskmaster has placed various bombs all over the city that need to be defused
  • Earn crafting components for competing for these missions, bonus objectives during them give you more materials
  • Outposts that are run by Kingpin need to be taken down
  • Seems like Shocker bit from the trailer is tied into a side mission
  • Random crimes happen; robberies (actually get to go into interiors), car chases.
  • Take photos of some golden cats that are strewn about by Black Cat

Leveling System

  • Gain experience for doing various tasks; finding landmarks, combat, exploration.
  • Various traversal upgrades; swing speed, faster launching


  • Tripwire which we’ve seen in the demo
  • Web bomb which incapacitates a group of enemies at once
  • Spider Drone which can shoot webs of its own at enemies

DLC “City Never Sleeps”

  • Committed to keeping people engaged after the main story
  • Each will feature a unique villain, storyline, missions, challenges, and suits
  • First one is called “The Heist” and features the Black Cat

Minor Story Details

  • Mary Jane and Peter are not together at the time
  • The game opens up with having to take down Kingpin
  • Opens up in Peter’s apartment showing some daily bugle cutouts of Vulture, Electro, Scorpion, and Rhino. Doesn’t confirm them as villains in the game, just that some cutouts of them getting captured by Spider-Man are there.
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