A re-skin of ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated, Slyde is a “buy-a-Plat” game that’s dressed up as a glitch riddled slider puzzle. The Finger Guns Review;

Remember ‘★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated’? In case you don’t, it was the “game” that released on the PlayStation store last June that was then controversially removed 24 hours later by Sony. The word ‘game’ is in speech marks there because it’s very much a disbelieving air quotes situation. It’s a collection of slider puzzle games with identical solutions made from a bunch of stock photo’s and then advertised as “the world’s fastest platinum trophy game”.

Slyde is the reemergence of this game. It’s a re-skin of ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated from the same creators but with new pictures and the same aim – to give you a cheap and easy Platinum Trophy.

Back in September, I wrote about the Metagame surrounding games with easy trophies and Slyde is the continuation of this. It’s a cheap cash grab to take advantage of the Skinner box of PlayStation trophies by asking you to pay a few quid for something that’ll last you less than 10 minutes but will reward you with a Plat. If that’s what you’re after, go for it. Pick up Slyde, read a trophy guide and be ‘rewarded’ for it. No judgement here (I played Terminator Salvation in my younger days). If you actually care about the game you play however, I urge you to steer clear of Slyde.

A terrible image to use as a slide puzzle…

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a slide puzzle now and again. I’ve occasionally play the free ones you can find on the web and they’re often included in some of my favourite games. The issue I have with Slyde is that they’ve not even made the effort to create good slide tile puzzles. Some of the images that have been chosen are the kind that make it damn near impossible to get right. There’s one with a river that runs through an almost pure white background that’s just not at all suited to this type of puzzle. You can’t solve it with skill. It’s purely luck. There are a number of these, where a pretty image has been chosen over something that would make a good

That is, of course, if the puzzles actually work. One in 3 of the puzzles loaded through a random shuffle break and become impossible.

Broken. Glitched.

Slyde is little more than a collection of pretty stock images collected together that are then used as a background to a malfunctioning slide tile game. The 100 images are often inappropriate and the game glitches about a third of the time. The single redeeming quality to this game is the ear worm of a soundtrack and even that is reminiscent of the HMRC Hold Music. Unless you’re trapped in the trophy hunting metagame, there’s little to no point in buying Slyde and even then, the lack of effort required for this Plat will probably leave you feeling a little guilty.

Slyde is available now on PS4.

Developer: Top Rated
Publisher: Top Rated

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we purchased a copy of the game from the PlayStation store. For more information, please see our review policy by clicking here.

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