Urban Trial Playground is a fun overall experience but missing some crucial features. The Finger Guns Review;

I always wanted to be able to make big jumps on my BMX when I was younger, impressing everyone with my skills and scars. Alas I was too scared to do big jumps and struggled to even manage a wheelie, but when I picked up Urban Trial Playground I was able to swap the BMX for a dirt bike and live my childhood dreams, at least I thought that was the case.

First off I need to say that the game looks great. Set in sunny California the beach and urban levels are colourful and vibrant, and the animation of your rider will keep you amused as he dabs while flying off a ramp and milks the adulation as he hits a perfect landing. However one thing that nags at me is that there is no story to the game which lets it down a bit, surely it wouldn’t take much to give the rider a name and a quick overview of why he is doing the races and stunts?

The game play is simple enough you accelerate,brake, wheelie, stoppie and that’s about it, but you do have to angle your jump just right when landing so it does require some level of skill. The missions are pretty mundane with there only been two sorts High Trick Score and Timed Run, with the latter being so boring after a couple of times it becomes a chore to just ride as fast as you can so you can progress. The Trick runs are pretty fun but even they, after a while you realise it is essentially the same thing over and over again, wheelie to get speed, make a jump and do the trick, land it successfully and wheelie to the next jump. The game could take note of other similar game like Pumped BMX which gives you a more varied trick arsenal and added tasks which kept the levels fresh and more challenging than the ones on offer here.

You can collect tokens that allow you to customise your bike which does make it easier to land tricks,but with the simplicity of them anyway it is kind of a moot point. The sound track is, well a soundtrack to be honest, it doesn’t stand out or add to the game but it is there. Hooray?

The local multiplayer is a lot of fun with a few different modes, with tag being the best of the bunch where one player has a head start while the other chases them down. The lack of online multiplayer baffles me as this could be where the game found its foothold and seems like a huge opportunity missed. Negatives aside, this is a fun game that is good in small bursts, but it feels like it could have been so much more than it is. The addition of a few different tricks and an online multiplayer would have made this a better game overall, but what we have is fun but it gets boring fast.

Urban Trial Playground is available on April 5th on Nintendo Switch (Reviewed)

Developer: Teyon Sa
Publisher: Tate Multimedia

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