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13 Games To Get Excited About In April 2018

April 2018 is bringing Nordic war gods, the ending to a Yakuza legacy and VR Dinosaurs. Here are 13 games to look forward in the next month. Remember the good old days when April used to be a quiet month? […]

April 2018 is bringing Nordic war gods, the ending to a Yakuza legacy and VR Dinosaurs. Here are 13 games to look forward in the next month.

Remember the good old days when April used to be a quiet month? When you could finally catch up on all the AAA shooters you missed out on from the previous year? Well, there’s no let up in 2018 because after an epic March 2018, we’re in for a bumper month of massive AAA games, indie oddities and everything in between. Here are 13 games we are excited to play this month.

1). Minit

Remember that cool mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask that turned the game into a perpetually repeating groundhog day type scenario? 3 in-game days to learn what you can and then put that knowledge to use in the next repetition. Minit take this idea and builds upon it, but instead of 3 in-game days, you get 60 seconds. That’s right, a minute to complete Minit. Published by Devolver and from a dream team of developers including Kitty Calis, a producer on Horizon Zero Dawn, and Jukio Kallio composer of the soundtracks for Bleed 2 and Luftrausers, Minit is a a true curio worth checking out when it launches on April 3rd.

2). Impact Winter

When it initially released on PC back in May 2017. Impact Winter had some issues. Developers Mojo Bones have worked tirelessly since then to fix bugs, rework controls and improve features and now, almost a year later, the game is blowing a gale on Xbox One and PS4 this April 5th. Stranded on an unpredictable, inhospitable frozen planet, this game challenges you and your team to stay alive for 30 days.

3). Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-Ality

Wubba lubba dub dub. Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-Ality is already available on PC for Vive and Oculus Rift but Owlchemy Labs’ latest is hitting PSVR on April 10th 2018. Play as a clone of Morty alongside everyone’s favourite piece of shit Rick as you portal hop through an adventure and throw things at your abusive grandpa while questioning your own self worth.

4). Extinction

The developers of Divekick and Killer Instinct: Season 2, Iron Galaxy, have stepped out of their comfort zone with Extinction, due out on the 10th of April. Part Attack on Titan, part Dragon Age, this fantasy title has you taking on massive Ogre’s that are invading your land. Expect a review from us soon.

5). Rogue Aces

Ever heard of “Don’t Die Mr Robot”? It’s an awesome arcade game that’s accessible but twitchy for the veterans which kept me entertained for months on the PSVita. The developers, Infinite State Games, have teamed up with Curve Digital for their next title, a WWII arcade gunner called Rogue Aces. Featuring 100 procedurally generated levels, fast paced airborne combat and vocal work from the legendary Marc Silk (the voice of Johnny Bravo and Scooby Doo), make sure to check out Rogue Aces when it takes off on April 12th.

6). Yakuza 6 – The Song of Life

The pre-release reviews for Yakuza 6 are already available and it’s good news for SEGA’s long running franchise. Darkstation said this game “marks the conclusion of Kiryu Kazuma’s story, granting him an ending befitting such a well-rounded character.” and Polygon said “This is so much more than that game about a crime guy that I had expected” which is from a critic who’d never player a game in the Yakuza series before. Whether you’re a series veteran or don’t know your arse from you Daigo Dojima, Yakuza 6 sounds like it’ll cater for you.

7).God of War

The big one. Kratos is back and while he seems to have calmed and matured with old age, he’s not beyond kicking a demon in the arse so hard it splits in two. Accompanied by his Son Atreus, Dad of War is cutting a bloody swathe through Norse mythology with a magic axe. Being touted as a potential GOTY contender, God of War is certainly one to watch in April, launching on the 20th.

8). Nintendo Labo

Who saw this one coming, huh? Labo is a monument to the creativity and ingenuity of Nintendo. Have you seen some of the insane amount of cardboard and elastic band engineering that goes into some of these builds? It’s truly inspiring. The Robot and Variety Toy-Con kit’s launch on the 20th of April and if you have a Switch, this is the one to watch this month.

9). The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto made it into our list of “50 Indie Games To Get Excited About in 2018” and for good reason. Self described as a “compact action RPG” , the game allows you and a friend to explore a “delightful but dangerous” world as you take on the evil Mormo. With a beautiful and inviting art style The Swords of Ditto is an adventure worth picking up when it launches on April 24th. There’s a bonus waiting for PS4 players in the shape of a LocoRoco themed quest too. How cool is that?

10). Sinner: Sacrifice For Revenge

Are you ready? I’m going to do it. I’m going to commit a cardinal sin of games journalism. Sinner: Sacrifice For Revenge is “like Dark Souls” (sorry, not sorry). This uber difficult action RPG has you face off against 8 “abhorrent” bosses, 7 of which are based on the deadly sins. The kicker with Sinner is that before each boss battle, you have to sacrifice a stat and level down to enter combat. This makes the game get progressively more difficult as you shed your skills. I think you’ll agree, this is a pretty unique take on the Souls-like genre which slashes into action on April 25th.

11). Emily Wants To Play Too

Our man Jan recently played with Emily in the original horror title, giving it a solid 8/10 so to say we’re excited to see what developer Shawn Hitchcock does with the creepy dolls and mannequins next, would be an understatement. Emily Wants to Play Too is already available on PC and has been since December but it’ll be jump scaring us on the PS4 on April 24th.

12). Masters of Anima

Masters of Anima is a fantasy adventure set in a world called Spark (bear with me, it gets better). You play as an apprentice of Anima named Otto who’s attempting to reach the rank of “Master” so that he can marry his love Ana. Only one problem – she has been kidnapped by the evil Zahr and his army of Golems. In order to rescue your love, you have to recruit and command armies of up to 100 “Guardians” and fight alongside them in tactical battles. Masters of Anima is releasing on April 10th for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Switch.

13). Time Carnage

Dinosaurs. Robots. Monsters. Zombies. What do all these things have in common? Yes, they are all things I’ve had nightmares about in the past week but they’re also some of the enemies you’ll be fighting in the VR time hopping title Time Carnage. Hitting PSVR, Vive and Oculus Rift on the 10th of April, Time Carnage if coming from Wales Interactive who have made quite a name for themselves for green lighting unusual games and this could be their next hit.

Is there another game you’re excited about that’s releasing in April? Hit the comments section and blurt it all out for our entertainment.

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