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Adam “doseone” Drucker on Score Wars, The Galaga World Championships and (hopefully) breaking records

The first annual Score Wars begins this weekend featuring The Galaga World Championship. We asked organiser Adam “doseone” Drucker the important questions. If you hadn’t heard (seriously, where you been?) Score Wars start this weekend. Hosted by the incredible Meow […]

The first annual Score Wars begins this weekend featuring The Galaga World Championship. We asked organiser Adam “doseone” Drucker the important questions.

If you hadn’t heard (seriously, where you been?) Score Wars start this weekend. Hosted by the incredible Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, NM, the event focuses around The Galaga World Champioships. An epic throwdown to smash world records and crown a new Galaga champ, the four-day event has Pro and Armature competitions with big money prizes that’ll be streamed live on Twitch with assistance from XSplit and Bandai Namco.

As well as all the Galaga action you can possibly handle, Score Wars will also play host to a group of legendary players playing retro classics as they attempt to best their own personal high scores. The celebrity guests include Dwayne Richards (an amazing ambassador for high level competitive gaming taking on his own Bubbles high score), Tim McVey (the first player to officially surpass a score of 1 billion on Nibbler), Tom Asaki (pro Nibbler and Ms. Pacman player), Donald Hayes (multiple high score setter of 5 games but playing Centipede at Score Wars), Pat Laffaye (the current world champ of Frogger who broke the previous record and the fictional record set by George Costanza on a famous episode of Seinfeld), Hector Fly (elite Track & Field record setter) and Abner Ashman (record setter in Ms. Pacman).

If that wasn’t enough, Score Wars is also featuring a games jam which challenges game developers to build a game that’ll be tested by some of the classic and legacy players attending the event. You can find more on the games jam here.

With so much going on, we think you’ll agree that Score Wars is a pretty interesting event to take in over the bank holiday and, of course, we had questions. Event organiser Adam “Doseone” Drucker was kind enough to spare some of his time to answer them. Without further ado…

Finger Guns: For those who don’t know, Who is “Adam Drucker”? What’s your background in music, games and art?

Adam: Well my friends call me “Doseone”. I began my art arch as a Battle Rapper, and recording artist. Many moons later I was introduced to the world of Independent Video Games, and did Sound Design and music for a bunch of wonderful games with even more wonderful Indie dev’s:), like Samurai Gunn, Enter The Gungeon, and Gang Beasts. And I joined Meow Wolf after doing an interactive art installation with them in ye ol Santa Fe!

FG: What inspired Meow Wolf and yourself to start Score Wars?

Adam: Well what started as a request, or question rather from Vince (CEO of Meow Wolf) eventually became a reality. I was asked if I could throw together a Galaga Tournament, to which i replied “uh…..maybe”:). And once we started “trolling” Galaga and Galaga players online, and then reaching out, it occurred to me we were actually approaching a culture and community of insanely talented human beings, who never get a “proper venue” in which to display their gifts. So with the help of Dwayne Richard, we really tried to create a competition and moreover gathering of peers, and create conditions in which they can “go for the gold”. So we got original boards, joysticks, buttons, and made sure we allowed for everyone to run marathons, as well as take shots at records in any other game modes.

FG: The event is built around the Galaga World Championship. Why Galaga?

Adam: Vince, the CEO at Meow Wolf, used to actually play Galaga in the very same room where SCORE WARS is being held, when he was a kid and Meow Wolf was a bowling alley. Its his favoritest game, and for me a game I knew to be popular yet not “played out”, so it actually felt like we had a chance at organising something original from scratch.

FG: How can people watch or get involved with Score Wars?

Adam: SCORE WARS will be LIVE on TWITCH Saturday & Sunday!

Watch live video from MeowWolf on www.twitch.tv

Or you can attend in the flesh for a measly 5 bucks 😀

FG: What’s the aim for this years Score War? What’s the best possible outcome?

Adam: Well, one aim is already in the bag, and that was to see all these talented people smiling and excited to slap buttons. The rest is record setting, so many factors can influence a record run, we tried to get conditions to be a prime as possible, the rest is up to these beautiful dudes and the RNG gods!

FG: How does it feel to be bringing so many competitive players together under one roof?

Adam: It’s pretty awesome. We were watching Abdner Ashman play last night as we were setting up, and its face melting. His hands, the pace at which he shreds games, it really looks like CGI right before your eyes. Its inspiring to witness their gifts, and deeply rewarding to have brought them all together!

Head to ScoreWars.com for more information or to grab tickets.

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