Titan Quest returns! Though, that may not be a particularly good thing. The Finger Guns Review;

There are numerous games that I wish could be brought into the modern day and remastered for the PS4, so when I heard that Titan Quest was getting a polish my mind was cast back to the endless hours spent playing the original and I was filled with a warm nostalgic feeling. However, that soon turned to a chill after I started playing this latest offering.

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest was an Ancient Greece hack and slash adventure game in the style of Diablo, pitting your hero against endless Gods, mythical beasts and letting you loot until your heart was content. This hasn’t changed with this remastered version which is still fun to play and enjoyable enough, but I started to notice some little things which started to annoy me at first and led to sheer frustration the longer I played.

First off is talking to the NPCs, when you engage with them a large text box appears above their head with ridiculously small writing which scrolls slowly with no way to speed it up, so you really have to pay attention to what they say to you as they will not repeat it. The games design for the PS4 pad is done really well and all controls feel unresponsive at the best of times. For example, moving the analogue stick slightly will cause your character to run further than it should which lead to missing NPC conversations and running into a horde of enemies when you only wanted to approach them slightly. Combat gets frustrating too with an auto aim feature which you quickly despise when surrounded by enemies, and I also found that when trying to retreat my character would continue slashing with their weapon which annoyingly gave me the short distance I wanted to move when I wasn’t fleeing hordes of beasts. When confronted with a lot of enemies on screen the frame rate drops dramatically, which in my opinion shouldn’t be happening in a game which has been remastered and should have been ironed out before its release.

The game does include multiplayer which could be fun if you want to rekindle your lost youth with friends, but it doesn’t have an option for you to play this with two controllers on your own sofa. This is a huge oversight and I think a patch to fix this should be considered (also include one so you can smash boxes to get loot too?). Black Forest have done a commendable job of bringing the game into the latest generation, but it just feels dated and like it was an opportunity missed, and with titles like Diablo III and Wolves of Midgard available I would much rather spend my time and money playing one of those.

If you do have a friend with a PS4 and a copy of the game you could spend hours of enjoyment rolling back the years, but otherwise I would just let the past be the past and move on with your gaming life

Titan Quest is available now on PS4 (reviewed on Base PS4)

Developer: Black Forest
Publisher: THQ Nordic

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