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Drunkn Bar Fight Review – A right good laugh

All the bar fighting I need is in Virtual Reality. But is that a good thing? The Finger Guns Review; Growing up in the East End of London it was a common occurrence to be witness to a fair few […]

All the bar fighting I need is in Virtual Reality. But is that a good thing? The Finger Guns Review;

Growing up in the East End of London it was a common occurrence to be witness to a fair few bar fights. Mostly between old men who thought they still had it when a few beers got the better of them. I used to work in a pub where I had to break up a fight between two bare-knuckle fighters (true story).

So the idea of the game is pretty simple. You walk into a bar have a drink and then throw the glass at an unsuspecting person, minding his own business who happens to be standing next to you. This will, as expected piss him off so he comes at you and squares up. FIGHT!

At your disposal are your fists, or anything you can find in the bar. Be it beer glasses, bottles, pool cues, sweet dispensers, bar stools, ashtrays, bar snacks or um, a walking stick. It’s quite an eclectic mix of items, most of which break after you’ve smacked some guy upside the head a couple of times. I have to admit it’s alarmingly satisfying. I think I need help.

As you would imagine you have both Move controllers at work, one in each hand to represent, well your hands obviously. Hold them up to your face and you’ll be blocking the flying kicks, right hooks and karate chops like you’re a proper geezer. Hitting the triggers either makes you stick two fingers up, as you see your foe crawl away helplessly, or they can be used to pick up the aforementioned items if you’re close enough. You can move around the bar at will by pressing the Move button, handy for when you’re surrounded by a couple of meatheads with fists the size of cows.

So, it’s all quite basic. Dumb stupid fun, and simplistic enough you would think that given the lack of advanced controls and moves, the devs would focus a bit more on the gameplay and the technical side of things. But they didn’t. They must have been too busy in the pub or something.

Gameplay is nothing more than hitting people, and as fun as that is for the first four or five times, there is nothing else to the game. The very limited move set you have at your disposal barely translates into anything resembling a punch on screen. You will end up doing the windmill, not to because you want to try and punch the oncoming doo-gooder, but because you’re desperate for your hands to register some on-screen movement.

The characters you come up against all look hideous and a little freaky. This is one ugly game. They move around like they’re not of this world, or all in their 90s and have lost their zimmer frame as they shuffle and shake their way over to you to dish out a pounding. The game uses a rudimentary version of ragdoll physics, so when you do get a punch to actually land, they crumble in a heap on the floor, or bend over backwards, or go flying across the room, or fold in half. It’s utterly terrible. I wasn’t sure if me picking up some guy and throwing him out the window was by chance or design. It’s so bad in fact you can’t help but laugh and laugh you will. A lot.

The game itself is as basic as the graphics. The idea is you walk into a bar and pick a fight. There are three bars in total, ranging from typical boozer to the more upmarket establishment. Each offers different challenges from the number of people in the pub you have to fight, or how tough some of the opponents are. You have to defeat each character once to then progress to the next level. Most of the characters are the same model, but you do get some who offer a different challenge. There is even a scowly old woman you have to beat up but when you do, the invisible crowd start booing.

All in all Drunken Bar Fight is a throwaway game that you will have a half hour of fun with, and then another half hour watching your mates play. Most of the time will be spent laughing at the terrible physics. Only in Drunken Bar Fight VR will the random physics make you feel like either Superman or an old man. There is never any pattern to it. And the lack of depth means you’ll probably get bored pretty quick.  Still, one thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll be chuckling to yourself all the way through. When everything works, there is some serious, gratuitous fun to be had,  but seeing as that is a rarity I wouldn’t rely on it. Basically, you’ll spend most of your time laughing at the game for the wrong reasons. but sometimes, you’ll be laughing for the right reasons.

Let me sum this game up.

On the occasions when it works you feel like this: (NSFW)

But for the most part you feel like this:

For the £8 price tag the thrills you’ll get are cheap, The characters, and their dead faces will give you nightmares and the collision detection will want to make you punch yourself in the face. But it’s a jolly good laugh and I guess that’s what matters.

Drunken Bar Fight is available now on PSVR (reviewed on PS4 Pro and PSVR V1) and Steam

DeveloperThe Munky

PublisherThe Munky

Disclaimer; In order to complete this review we were provided with code from the publisher. For our full review policy please go here.

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