It’s looking pretty good, too. 

The Nintendo Switch Power Pack and Stand from Venom will release on March 30th for £34.99.

The Power Pack and Stand locks into place on the back of the system and features a kickstand (a far superior one to the actual Switch stand) along with an extra USB charging point to juice up the 10,000 mAh lithium-ion rechargarble battery that’s included. Venom claim is will provide the user with over three times the playing time, not too bad when you’re out and about.

Tom Hodge from Venom;

“We believe that for Nintendo Switch players who like to game on the go, the Power Pack and Stand will prove an essential purchase. Not only does it massively increase overall playtime, but its slimline design doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the console, retaining the portability that gamers love. Add in the integrated kickstand, and we’re convinced that the Power Pack and Stand will be a huge hit with gamers looking to play harder for longer!”



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