Tennis World Tour is coming to consoles and PC in May. 

You know the winter is well and truly over when conversations turn from snow and ice to Strawberries and Creem. Yep, the Tennis season is nearly upon us which mean those who prefer the digital version of the game should be interested to hear that Tennis World Tour has got an official release date and a wealth of pack shots.

The main star is of course Roger Federer who’s just taken back the world number one spot. Interestingly, Tennis World Tour will have country-specific packs. Each of the principal countries will have its own packshot, with local stars around Roger Federer. Strangely though, the UK pack shot doesn’t feature a single British player, however they do feature Angelique Kerber and Stan Wawrinka. Go figure that one out (probably didn’t have Murray’s likeness tbh – Ed).

Anyway, that aside Tennis World Tour will be available May 22nd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out the pack shots and developer video below

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