The final episode of the latest Batman season has a date!

The final episode in the current TellTale Batman series The Enemy Within will launch on March 27th across all platforms.

The episode, titled ‘Same Stitch’, will conclude the John Doe / Batman story with ‘two unique finales’ and seemingly tells the story of how John Doe finally became the Clown Prince of Crime.

In a press release TellTale called the episode their most ‘branchiest’ ever, with over 4,500 lines of dialogue shared between 38 characters, making the script for the episode larger than Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Blimey.

Season Lead Writer James Windeler:

“Without exaggeration, Same Stitch is the most ambitious piece of content Telltale has ever produced. We had to adjust our usual development process to accommodate the added scope, but it was super important to us to honor players’ choices, whether they chose to befriend John or not. We had to deliver on the season’s central promise of allowing players to craft their own Joker.”

The episode sounds highly ambitious, and it’s great to hear TellTale taking some risks with their formula again. Have a bunch of screenshots to drool over whilst we await a trailer;

Same Stich

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