Do we have a lead as to where the next GTA may be set?

Ok ok I know we’ve heard all this before,  but stay with me here because this time we might, just might have a certain amount of feasibility to this particular version of ‘GTA VI is going to be set in Vice City’ rumour.

Well known YT channel The Know has suggested Vice City could be the next location, thanks to a leaked insider source that has spilt a few beans,  What made this prick my ears up though is that this channel also got the rumours about Dark Souls III spot on, so they have to speak.

The Know also throw out some possible names, according to their source, GTA VI is currently called Project Americas, this is because the player will be able to travel from Miami (Vice City) to South America. This being the case you can imagine the rich fodder that’s for the taking when you come to the story of GTA VI. This also makes sense because if you remember in the original Red Dead Redemption you could travel to New Paraiso which was Rockstar’s take on Mexico. Sort of.

Anyway, this one is firmly planted in the rumour filled so take it with whatever weight of salt you think reasonable. Still. Revisiting Vice City would be kinda amazing. But only if it was still set in the 80’s right?

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